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10 Guest Post Topics Authors Are Afraid Of

A great way to get exposure as a writer is to write guest posts. After all, if you’re a writer, it shouldn’t be too hard for you. Through these posts, readers get to read samples of your writing and in a way get to know you better. If they like what they see, they’ll check out other places you have written and with any luck eventually end up where you sell your books. Great marketing strategy all the way around.

Most of the topics an author writes on deals of course with their writing. They might be given to the author by the host for a specific topic or the author creates their own topics to write on. There are many topics that authors do over and over again as they are easy to do. Then there are the ones you’ll rarely if ever see an author write on.

Why? Because they’d be scared to even approach the topic or they don’t want to admit the truth.

I’ve come up with ten topics that authors would be afraid to write a guest post on. Yes, I have offered a few of these to authors to write about. Surprise! No one wants to touch them. A couple of them are ones that if I did give them to an author, I seriously doubt they would be brave enough to write it.

As an author, would you have the courage to tackle these topics?

The Most Over-Hyped Marketing Techniques

This is one that I know a few authors would love to write on, but the vast majority would not. Why? Because they want to believe that every technique promoted as the best ones really do work. Now that is not saying that they aren’t a little effective or can be for a spell, but there are many that are pushed as crucial for a writer’s marketing plan yet they rarely show enough results for the time and money put into it.

Authors writing on this would have to evaluate their plan and what they are told. Then they have to face the reality of it all. Can they do it? Most can’t. They want to believe that everything they are told works, but it doesn’t.

Talk about what works and doesn’t work.

Why Editing is So Crucial to a Quality Book

Okay, so a good number would write on this one as well, but you’d be surprised how many would not. Why? They don’t edit their books.

They might say they are by having their sister’s cousin’s co-worker read over it and point out typos, but that is not what editing is. As the self-published and independent author groups grow, so does the number of low quality books that have potential if they had only been edited.

Editing is very important, but it is a step that is overlooked way too often. If authors would look into and see how it can improve a book, they would be more likely to do it.

Authors need to face the reality of this long, tedious process that is the element that turns the lump of coal their writing is into the diamond it can be.

The Humility of Being an Author

They might write on it, but their words will be hollow at least by the majority of writers. Why? Because they are some of the most arrogant group of people on this planet.

Personally, I’ve found being an author a very humbling experience. It takes a lot of work, faith, and determination while fighting an uphill battle to get the attention for the books you slave over and then keep that attention. Yet time after time I encounter authors publishing their first or second books with the attitude that they will sell hundreds if not thousands in the first few weeks.

Reality check! Assume a little humility and realize you need it as you discover that success is not a magic formula. You can always improve in your writing. And you’ll not appeal to everyone.

The Best 1 Star Review to Receive

Why would authors avoid this question? Because they only want five star reviews. Okay, I’m being a little facetious. Most are happy with four stars as well. But I do know a few who only expect to receive five stars. Seriously, they do. They’ve told me so.

What many authors don’t realize is that some one star reviews can be the best push for their writing. If it is a quality review, it will give you tips and show you where you can improve and where your strengths are. There are some great 1 star reviews when you look at them in a positive and constructive light.

Okay, scream and curse when you first read it, but visit again a few days later and see what positive things you can take from it. You won’t regret it.

Taking Criticism for Your Writing with Joy

Can anyone really do this? They should, but most authors won’t. Guess what? Your book isn’t perfect. It isn’t going to be liked by everyone including famous and influential people. Not even the bestselling authors get that kind of following.

When you receive criticism, vent quietly and quickly. Then look at how the criticism can help you and be happy you got it. Yes, it can be hard but so worth it.

They read your book. That is what you wanted. They gave you feedback which is what you wanted. Take it with joy. You’ll find a lot of good advice even in criticism.

Being Happy Just Writing and Not Selling

I’ve met a handful of authors who could easily write a guest post on this topic. They want to sell books. Just writing for the fun of it is alien to them. Are authors able to be happy not selling a single copy? The truth might be more shocking than you realize which is why many authors won’t write about it. Their dream is to become famous and make millions like Rawlings, King, and Meyers.

Just to write for the love of it is one of the greatest fears of authors. Can they face the realization?

When a Writer Has to Admit He’s Wrong

While many writers will admit to their mistakes and write about them, just as many or more won’t. Why? They don’t want to admit that they didn’t do it all right the first time. I have helped to edit work, and you’d be surprised how many authors think their writing is Nobel Prize material.

Even when it comes to marketing, they will defend their decisions unless they can show where someone scammed them. Pointing fingers is just way too easy.

Admitting My Writing Needs to Improve

One author write a scene and kept repeating herself. I pointed it out and got told how she was right and I needed to let her write the way she wanted to. I wanted to ask then why get your book edited at all. She ignored me and published the book. The reviews pretty much repeated everything I said. She even argued with the reviewers online.

Will a writer admit they need to take writing classes, learn to write better, or just improve over all? Would love to see authors talk about their weaknesses and how they will improve on them!

Yes, I Spam My Writing

Over and over I see writers post the same link to the same book multiple times a day and on multiple groups on the same day. If you get down to it, there is nothing wrong with it, but it is borderline spamming. When you shove your own work in the face of people day after day, I think you can call it spamming.

Now, you can post anything you want on your wall. But can you show some depth and post about other things? Post about other people’s books or something interesting about books in other groups and communities. Show me that you know something besides your own work.

Can authors admit they are doing it? Can they be that honest and warn others the dangers of it?

Write About Failures

You always see where people are writing about what worked for them. They brag about all their successes. Why not write about what you screwed up on? What did you do wrong? What did you learn from it?

You’d be surprised how many readers would be interested in this topic. People want to know. This could be for several reasons. Some just want to see train wrecks and laugh at others mistakes. Okay, but there are many more that want to learn from your mistakes. They want to see if they are on the path to making them as well. What better thing to give people than the warning to stop what they are doing and save themselves?

It’s about time authors wrote deep and serious guest posts that attract readers and don’t just add their name to the net. What would you like to see authors write about?

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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