10 Historical Events Man Ignores

Rebecca Graf
8 min readSep 8, 2022

Ignoring things can be a real talent with some people. If the topic is never discussed, it will be forgotten as though it had never happened. The problem is that it did happen. And forgetting it will only have the events repeated in some form or fashion. History is the best teacher we have, and ignoring it invites disaster.

Here are ten historical events that many of us have probably never heard of. If we have, it might have been in passing but usually not from any in-depth study of it. We might know it happened, but that might be all we can recall. These are not in any particular order. They are not the only ones we have forgotten. They are just ten we hope you do more research on and learn from them so there are fewer chances of repeating their horrors and struggles.

Rwandan Genocide

Who knows what this is? Most people don’t. Most have never heard of this horrific event. It happened in 1994. The minority group that ruled Rwanda, located in central East Africa, was overthrown. It did not result in marches and speeches. The result was bloodshed. The majority took over and began a deliberate move to wipe out all traces of the former leaders including their families and anyone of their ethnic background. The political move quickly became a genocide.

Over 800,000 people were murdered. A few million fled the country to seek sanctuary where they were not wanted. They were not wanted anywhere.

The Nazi genocide of the Jews is the most well-known act of genocide, but it is not the only account of such acts. These horrors happen too often all over the world. We should know about this part of history because it can be repeated by anyone at anytime.

The Kyshtym Disaster

When we think of nuclear disasters, we typically think of Chernobyl. What if you were told that it was not the only one? And not the only Soviet/Russian disaster? There was another one. It was near Krshtym in the former Soviet Union — Southern Urals. In 1958, a newspaper reported an incident involving a nuclear arms plant. It became apparent that the Soviet government was keeping a disaster a secret.

Nearly two dozen villages were abandoned and many died due to radiation poisoning that could be contributed to…



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