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18 Ways To Avoid Writing Burnout

A writer will eventually find himself facing a large brick wall and feeling as though he has been put through the wringer. They throw the towel in and walk away only to regret it later.

#3 Take Time Off

You don’t have to write all the time. Even the best of the best have days or even weeks where they are not writing. Step away and have a vacation from your writing.

#4 Set a Schedule

To keep your life as level as you possibly can and not be on an emotional rollercoaster, consider setting a writing schedule for yourself. Maybe it is every night after the kids go to bed. Maybe it is every Tuesday and Thursday or on the weekends.

#5 Don’t Focus on One Story

Sometimes it is not the writing that burns you out as much as the story. Yes, the story can be the cause of stressing out as a writer. When that is the case, you need to get away. You need to focus on something else. If you are still in the writing mood, switch to another story to focus on.

#6 Let Your Muse Control the Writing

Don’t try to do it all yourself. That is why you have a muse. Let the muse control your writing. When you let your muse control your writing, you have less stress.

#7 Meditate

No matter what you do, meditation can help you avoid stress and burnout. The whole purpose of any form of meditation is to forget the world around you and readjust your bearings. Whether it is prayer or just emptying your mind, meditation helps you with the stress of writing.

#8 Watch TV

Take a break!!!! Watching TV can actually be therapeutic when done in moderation. Your mind leaves your writing which is what you need and want. Focus gets on something fun and relaxing. You might even find inspiration.

#9 Get a Hobby

I firmly believe that everyone should have a hobby. It’s a great way to relax and explore other interests. You can chill and let your mind rest.

#10 Don’t Force Yourself

Yes, we want to meet a goal or deadline. We should all have those. They help us complete tasks. But if the words aren’t there, they aren’t there. Forcing them will make them all the more difficult to come forth. Let the words come on their own.

#11 Get Away to Write

Sometimes you just have to get away from daily life. It interferes with writing. Life is crazy and busy. I know that I can get too focused on getting up on time, making sure meals are prepared, doing my job, and taking care of my family. As you need a vacation from work, you need a vacation from life.

#12 Play Music

Music is a great tool to help get over issues with your writing. It can be soothing. It can be inspiring. I have listened to instrumentals and wondered what kind of story would accompany it. Stories have been inspired that way. It can give you ideas you can’t seem to find.

#13 Read

Reading is a great way to avoid writing burnout or to recover from it. It can be a mini-vacation from your own writing. I can get lost in a different world that clears my mind and helps me feel refreshed and energized to start my own writing.

#14 Don’t Write Everyday

Writing everyday sounds like wise advice and can be very productive…at first. It can be your downfall right into burnout. Too much of a good thing can be bad, no matter what it is.

#15 Laugh

Laughter really is the best medicine. It can help you clear away stress and free your mind of clutter as well as lighten your mood. Laughter is one of the greatest weapons against depression, burnout, and just downright blahs.

#16 Different Places to Write

Sometimes it is just a matter of where you are writing. I cannot write with too many other people around. I get frustrated and the writing completely stops. I have to find someplace else to write.

#17 Journal

Journally is a great way to get your burnout removed. It can be a way to release your feelings and remove anything that is hindering you. Sometimes it is something that happened a few days ago that we haven’t gotten rid of yet. Think of it as a writer’s therapy session.

#18 Regularly Exercise

Don’t shake your head. This does work. Exercise is similar to laughter in how it helps you mentally. It clears up your mind and allows you cleanse yourself in many different ways. It can be as simple as a daily walk. It can be riding a bike. I’ve added in bird watching in parks as part of my exercise to help me get over writing burnout.

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