5 Paranormal Romances for Your Reading List

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Looking for a new read? Paranormal romances your thing? Here are five that you to consider looking into. They are more than your normal paranormal romance. They will have you wanting more.

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#1 Immortal Guardians series by Dianne Duvall

I have fallen in love with this series. Too often series that involve the different characters are just rehashed plot from the first couple of books. I get bored after the first few books and move on to other writers. Not this one. Each one is unique enough to keep me interested.

These books are truly a continuing tale of the Immortals, the ones who have contracted the vampire virus but their genetic makeup prevents them from becoming true vampires. They are the Gifted Ones who have supernatural abilities that are subtle in the “normal” world but enhanced once they have the virus. This could be the gut feeling something is wrong or sensing things out of the norm to the point of telepathic abilities. The individual Immortals fight enemies, themselves, and the attraction they feel for non-Immortals.

There are some explicit scenes, but they do not make up the majority of the book. While these are romances at the core, they bring in more than just physical scenes. These characters are well developed with a plot that grows as you read.

#2 Carpathian series by Christine Freehan

This was a paranormal romance story written long before the popularity of the genre explosion. Set in the Old World of vampire legends, this modern day story is intense and full of everything one would expect from the genre. There is action, supernatural elements, and intense romance.

When I first began the series, I binge read. This was because the story was too good. That was also not a good idea. The stories began to be too similar. I pulled back and waited a couple of years before picking up again. Turned out to be a great idea. Now I’m back into them. I highly recommend you don’t binge read but spread out the books.

What I love about this series is that it is more than just romance. There is mystery, and all of this was created before the big hoopla of paranormal romances. It’s not part of the fad.

#3 Molly Harper books

Do you like a little humor in your books? Then you truly have to check out Molly Harper’s paranormal romance stories. These books are deliciously funny. I have only listened to them as audio books and have not been disappointed. There is romance, drama, and humor as she explores every kind of paranormal creature you can possibly think of.

She has a few series that you can choose from. If you only like vampires, then she has one for you. If you like a mixture of supernatural creatures, she has that as well. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with these books that present very unique characters that you’ll find yourself drawn to.

#4 Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Good versus evil. What if you could only be one or the other? What if you really didn’t have a choice? In this book, a family of witches have to reach deep within them when they turn sixteen years of age to see if they are good or evil. One young witch has moved back home for the transition. Other family members arrive and eagerly await her true colors, but this girl has a will of her own never seen in the family before.

This is a very interesting tale full of secrets and a determined teenager. Forbidden love. Family drama. And an internal battle we all face. A delightful read. It is the first book in a series which I cannot wait to read.

#5 Dark Protectors Series by Rebecca Zanetti

I stumbled upon this series while trying to find something different in the paranormal romance genre. Yes, it involves vampires. But these have a different twist to them. There are two kinds of vampires, the good and the bad, with different traits where most humans wouldn’t notice the one that can mingle in their society.

The sexual attraction is nearly immediate between the characters, but what I love the most about this story and several of the others mentioned above is that the story is more than the romance. It is more than the intimate moments.

The only downside to this series is that most of the kindle books are over eight dollars apiece. When the ebook is as much or more than the print book, I shy away from purchasing them. But if that doesn’t bother you, please give this great series a try.

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