7 Reasons You Should Use Shipt Grocery Delivery Services

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Convenience services are popping up everywhere. Grocery delivery used to be something only found in big cities and only used by the ultra-rich. Now, anyone can use them and do as they are in all large metro areas and is extremely affordable.

Now the question becomes, Why should you use Shipt? Well, there are several reasons which will be discussed below. But why Shipt specifically? Well, I have only experience with this one in particular, but I have read comparisons reviews in where many loved Shipt because of their exceptional communication. Since I have experience with them, they’ll be my focus, but look around for others to try.

On to why you should use Ship for your grocery shopping.

Have you noticed how you don’t have a lot of time throughout the week? If you work full-time, have a family, or have a lot on your plate, you struggle to find time to buy groceries. I know that I have things to do and shopping can take me an hour or more as I go up and down the aisles to get everything I need for my family. That is time I could be doing other things, work or fun.
Having someone else do a job you have does save you time. Spend it with family. Come in from vacation and have the food delivered so you can spend time unpacking and washing clothes. Maybe you have several doctor appointments and you have run out of milk and need cookies for your child to take to school. Have someone else do it for you.

When I think of paying someone to do something so time-consuming and physical at times, I think of it costing an arm and a leg. This is less than $2/week for unlimited deliveries. Right now, they are running a special of less than a dollar week. That is $99/year with a special of $49/year. That’s a steal.
Now, I do want to point out that there are some other areas where it can cost you that aren’t evident at first. The products you buy through Shipt are slightly higher than if you went to the store yourself. It could be five cents or two dollars, depending on the product. Shipt is basically reselling to you the products. That is what pays for the service and the shoppers as they work for you. In the end, it might raise your bill by $5. That is still not bad since someone is working for you to do something you don’t have time for, unable to do, or just plain out hate.

Then there is the tip. I’ll discuss this in more detail later, but if you tip that is an added cost.

When something is easy, you want to use it. Shipt is easy to use. Just go to their site. Type in what you want to purchase. You can even look through popular items or sale items. Click “Add to Cart”. A quantities box appears. You can add more than 1 if you want. Continue adding product.
At any time, you can click on the cart image on the upper right and see what your current total is. You can click on the item in your cart to add your notes on what you want the shopper to get.

When done, you check out and pick what time you want it delivered. Then you wait until your shopper notifies you that they are shopping. Respond to any texts. Once your groceries are delivered, complete the survey and, if you want, leave a tip.

That’s all.

Do you really want to go shopping in the bitter cold or the hot, blazing sun? How about when it is raining? You can use Shipt when any of this happens.
Taking children out in the cold is a hassle. You have to bundle them up, get them through the ice and snow and into the car. Then out of the car and into the store where they are complaining they are too hot in their winter coat and boots. Then repeat with all the groceries.

Bad weather sucks especially when dealing with groceries.

Shopping with children could make a saint do some swearing. I did great with my first child. Then number two came along. Nope. A baby and a toddler don’t allow for a pleasant shopping experience. When the third one came, I would shop at midnight when the husband was home and kids were asleep. I wish this service was available way back then.

Children can be a handful. I have seen many who scream and cry as their parent tries to shop. That stresses the parent and all those around them. The kid isn’t happy either. Why not let them sleep or play outside while someone else does the shopping?

There are many people who would love to shovel manure over grocery shopping. Okay, maybe a slight extreme, but they really do hate it. This is the perfect opportunity for them.

Several of my friends heard of Shipt and jumped on it. They felt like they had won the lottery. Have someone else do the jobs you absolutely hate.

Do you have a grocery budget? It can be hard to stick to it as you go through the store and think of things you missed and need. You might even throw in a few things you just want because you are hungry. I know it can be a struggle to keep up with how much have in the cart. But with Shipt, you can stay within your budget.

Let’s say you have $75 to spend on groceries for the week. You can put groceries in your online cart. When you are done, check the cart and see how much you have. If it is over your budgeted amount, go over your list and remove a few things. Keep going until you are comfortable with what you have to spend. Remember that there is a tip if you decide to do that. You can now stay on budget and keep your pocketbook steady.

There are many reasons to use Shipt. There are other grocery shopping and delivery services you can look into. They might have similar pros to using them. If you saw yourself in any of these reasons, give them a try. I seriously don’t think you’ll regret it.

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