7 Signs You Might Need to Get Healthy

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Sometimes we think everything is a-okay. We are doing good. Then something knocks us in the head to show us that we are not as healthy as we thought. It is a wakeup call that we hate to face. We could all be a little healthier.

A healthy life is more than losing weight and being active. It involves the entire you. That is why sometimes we don’t know know that we need to be healthier. Here are a few things to get you thinking and maybe looking into a healthier you.

1. You Can’t Do Physical Things You Want to Do

Do you find yourself unable to walk the dog like you used to without getting winded? Maybe you struggle just to walk into work or play with your kids or grandkids. It could be that even moving in your own house is difficult. If you don’t have limitations such as a bad knee or such, you shouldn’t be experiencing these issues. It could be a matter simply of needing to get healthier.

I found myself breathing really heavy when I walked just fifty yards. That shouldn’t have been at me in my early to mid forties. I needed to get into shape. Not being able to take walks with my kids or just go to the mall with them without having to sit down was important to me.

2.Stomach Doesn’t Always Like What You Eat

Our bodies change as we get older. Did you have it where your tastes changed and you learned to like foods you never liked before? Well, as we get older, somethings do not react well with us physcially. Our bodies can’t handle as much grease and other things we put into our bodies. If you suddenly can’t handle food you used to, you might need to change your eating habits and make them a little healthier.

I’m not saying you have to only eat salads. Healthier might just mean changing to what your body will tolerate. See what your body needs and can handle. Talk with your doctor and dietician. Get all the help you can.

3. It’s Been Too Long Since You Did Anything Physical With Your Family
How often does your family want to go somewhere or do something and you just physically can’t? I have been there. It happens more than you think. Do they want to go to the museum or the zoo and you cringe thinking of the amount of walking that entails? It shouldn’t be that terrifying, but when you unhealthy, this is a big sign you need to change things.

I am not young, but I am also not old. I shouldn’t be winded from a casual walk through the museum. It is not like I’m running a marathon. This was a big sign that I needed to change my lifestyle. I should be able to do the simple physical things with my family.

4. Can’t Sleep Good
How you sleep can say a lot about your situation. It can show how stressed you are, the troubles on your mind, or even how unhealthy you are.

Excess weight on our bodies can interfere with our sleep. It causes us to stop breathing evenly and wakes us up. We toss and turn to get comfortable. Sleep is hard to grasp and hold because we are unhealthy. If our stomach is not processing food right, it will keep us from sleeping sound with pain and discomfort. Unhealthy bodies do not rest well.

5. You Tire Easily
Do you find yourself needing a nap when you used to avoid it? You might need to take a half hour snooze when you get off work. Yes, as we age we might need to sleep a little more during the day, but it might also be a sign that we need to be healthier.

As you go about your regular day, you might find that you do not have the energy you once had. Extra weight doesn’t help. Bad blood circulation doesn’t help. Anything that impacts your breathing is involved. Even bad digestion can tire you.

6. Older People Can Do More
When you are only in your early forties and eighty year old people can move faster than you, it is a big sign that you might be unhealthy. It is a sign there is something in your life that needs fixed.

Everyone is different. But there are some things that shoudn’t be. A thirty year old shouldn’t be struggling with a seventy year old does easily. That is the body’s sign that something is not right.

7. Depression is Too Common
When we aren’t listening to physical signs, our body switches to your mind to get our attention. Depression creeps up on it when we are not healthy. It can create havoc in our lives. If we recognize the depression in our lives, it can help lead to finding the other problems that need addressed.

As I began to lose weight, the depression didn’t have as tight of a hold on me. As I began to be mroe active and take daily walks, the depression was pushed further away from me. I am thankful for that depression as it helped me get healthy again.

Our body is smart. It communicates with us on a regular basis. It wants to be healthy and happy. When ti is not, it talks to us and tells us that we need to make changes. It is up to us to listen and correct things.

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