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7 Warning Signs You Are a Writer

Do you wonder if you are really a writer? Have you wondered if you’re just fooling yourself? Many writers wonder this as they see debates on it and even the strange looks people give them when they say they are a writer. Yes, some people say it and are nowhere near being one. But you don’t have to sit around guessing. There are warning signs that can tell you if you are a writer or not. Here are seven of them.

Sign #1 — Critique of Other Work

As you read a story, do you find yourself thinking of how the plot could have been better or a scene worded differently? Do you find consistency mistakes, editing issues, and plot problems? You cannot just enjoy a story. The story gets to you and gives you ideas of another story or how there could be a sequel. Your mind begins to write whether you actually write or not.

Sometimes you read other works and wonder why the author didn’t write it another way. You think of different ways the plot could have gone. All the possibilities seem to multiple before you.

If this describes you, you might just be a writer.

Sign #2 — Little Things Get You Started

If you go about your daily life and suddenly think that something you just saw, heard, or experienced could make a good story, you are a writer.

A funny comment could get you thinking how that would make the great basis for a mystery or a romance novel. You begin to think how it could happen and play out.You start to daydream based on these small occurrences.They might even transfer into dreams at night.

This is the curse of the writer. It happens anywhere at any time. You have no control over it. Anything can cause it which makes it all the more fun. A dog barking, a car running a red light, or even a sneeze can get your mind thinking of a story.

Sign #3 — You Have the Urge

If you are constantly attacked with the urge to write, you might be a writer. No matter where you are, you might have the incredible urge. Getting words down on paper pulls strongly at you.

This sign comes from the One right above. You have to write. Something is pushing you to put thought to paper. It might be just a short story. It doesn’t have to be the great American novel. You just want to write. It might even be the story of your life. It doesn’t matter. You just want to write.

Maybe you hear of the success of another writer and long to know you have published your own story. Maybe you have a story in your mind you think would be great to publish. Well….

Sign #4 — Plots Are Always There

If you are standing in the shower and begin to ponder how the water could be something supernatural, you are a writer.

Plots are everywhere. No matter where you are, there is a plot. You can’t escape them. Your mind is always coming up with a new one. It might even come from a dream. Don’t dismiss them. They could become best selling works.

Everywhere you turn, you see something funny, romantic, or horrific. Stories pop up anywhere at anytime.

Sign #5 — You Have to Rewrite

If you tried writing and you read it again later and all you can think of is how to improve it, you are a writer. You can see it being so much more.

A real writer is one that will edit and edit to get the perfect manuscript. You will rewrite a scene and then add characters. The story is never done. It keeps growing and morphing into something amazing. To be honest, you would never stop rewriting if you could keep going. But eventually you have to quit.

Sign #6 — Coffee is Required

This might not be found in books by writers for writers, but I truly believe that a writer has to have coffee or tea to get them going after staying up all night writing. I’ve had so many cups on some days that I’m shaking from the caffeine, but I get my chapter done.

You have to finish the scene. You can’t let sleep stop you. Out comes the coffee. It will help you finish that one scene or the entire manuscript.

Sign #7 — You Finish a Project

If you finish a project, you are for sure a writer.

I’ve heard people saying they have started a novel or a short story years ago but haven’t finished it. They are not writers. Writers are people who are writing now and get a first draft done. When I say finish a project, I don’t mean have a published work. I am not like some people who say you are not a writer unless you are published. You are a writer if you are always writing and get drafts done on the road to that finished project.

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