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I am just now getting highly involved in podcasts. Yes, I know that I’m late to the party. That’s typical of me. I like to let things get settled and entrenched in society before I jump in. Usually this is because I’m busy getting caught up on other things. But one of the first podcasts I got hooked on was .

From the title, I was expecting one thing but found something much better. I almost didn’t listen to the first episode based on the “revisionist” part. I don’t like rewriting the past in order to whitewash it or…


Despite the blanket the nurse had given her, Brenna was still freezing. Everything around her felt cold. The chill from the woods had not left her body. The hospital room was nippy, and the nurse refused to turn up the temperature in her room. Brenna pulled the blanket up around her hoping to get warmer. She had been shaking they brought her in.

She recalled a little bit of the ride to the hospital and the bright lights of the exam room. The pain took over from the poking and prodding. …


My husband said I was too naïve. I admit that at first, I was upset. I wasn’t dumb. Then I realized that naïve doesn’t mean dumb. It means expecting the best or inexperienced to expect reality. What was he saying I was too naïve about? I expected people to be honest and good.

At this moment, some people are laughing at me being described as such. Why would they do that? Because one of my personal mantras is “Purge the gene pool.” I get frustrated with laziness, stupidity, and lies. That pretty much covers most people I pass by when…


This time Eaton didn’t have any protests about Slaton taking her home with him. Everything was getting too intense; Brenna would be safer with someone around all the time, and that could only be done at the Lightfoot home. No one slept that night. Brenna just sat on the couch with either Slaton or Tahnee. Knowing how close the man had come to her with Slaton in the apartment terrified her. Before she assumed it was all a prank, but yesterday made it into a much more dangerous game.

Every light was on in the house. Each person was thinking…

I also want to note before we go on that this is an Audio book. So part of the review will be on the audio part.

This book got my attention because it was something from real people and very personal. Also, I have no way to connect to any of these people which also makes it mysterious to me…


At the diner, Slaton held the chair out for Brenna as he cast a smug look at Eaton. Slaton’s every act was a message directed straight at Eaton. He was letting everyone, especially Eaton, know that she was his. Brenna, not pleased about being used in this macho game between them, knew that lunch was going to be awkward.

Eaton glared when he saw the possessiveness of Slaton and Brenna’s acquiescence to him. Nothing missed his eye as he watched them. No matter what, Slaton seemed to be getting more of her acceptance. …


The Value of Writing Prompts

If you follow any of my articles, you know that I love writing prompts. They are very valuable tools that I truly feel go underused by anyone who writes. Prompts are great tools that help you step out of your comfort zone and give you new ideas. They come in a variety of styles such as sentences, pictures, events, music, or…the dictionary.

For Professional Writers Only?

Don’t think that writing prompts are for professional writers only. Anyone can use them. Maybe you are a student and have to write something for class but have no idea what. Maybe you are someone who just wants…


Brenna felt so warm and cozy wrapped up inside the blanket that she didn’t want to wake up. The chirping of the birds slowly began to wake her. Strange, the birds sounded as though they were in the bedroom. She rubbed her face into the pillow and breathed in deeply a strange scent. It wasn’t the smell of linen. It didn’t smell like her bedroom. She took another deep breath. It smelled……. too much like Slaton.

Her body stiffened with the realization that she was wrapped up in Slaton’s arms with the morning sun warming her already too warm cheeks…

I must be in an early 20th century mood as I have begun watching a TV series set during this time period in England and now I read a book set in Ireland and England in the same era. Now I have to do some non-fiction exploring on it.

I’ve drunk Guinness but never thought of the family behind…


The jog mostly cleared her mind, so Brenna spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and opening up all of her windows to let some fresh air into her apartment. No troubling thoughts reappeared until she was getting ready for bed. Eaton’s reaction at the pub still left her unsettled. As she nestled underneath the covers, her mind roamed back over her relationship with Eaton to see if she could figure out someplace she had missed the signs of how he felt about her.

The day she moved in, he had been dealing with a traffic accident down the street…

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