Adult Summer Reading Challenge

Rebecca Graf
3 min readMay 30

It’s that time again. The warm summer sun is basking down on us. Usually that means relaxing days outside and vacations. It’s also the time when many get the books they plan on reading on the plane, in the car, or on the beach. A great time for all book lovers.

That being said, why not have a challenge this summer? Instead of just reading any book, let’s make it a specific book. We’ll open your mind to new authors and new genres. Do more than just read. Go on an adventure.

The Challenge

In this challenge, I will not tell you to read a specific book. I’ll give you directions to choose from a group of books. Then you can decide on the final read. I am assuming summer as being June, July, August, and September 17 weeks). The goal will be to read one book a week. If you are a slow reader, you can choose books that are shorter if you like. A novella counts. A short story does not. Though I list them by week, you can mix them up. Take up week 3 challenge in week 1. Whatever suits your fancy.

I encourage you to comment on this piece as you finish a book. Share with us what you read and your thoughts. Invite others to the challenge. See who can complete it.

Week 1

Let’s not start the summer with a heavy read. How about something lighter than War and Peace? Choose a cozy mystery that was published in the 2010s.

Week 2

Pick one book off your TBR (to be read) pile and enjoy it this week. Now’s a chance to start whittling down that stack (or bookshelf full in my case).

Week 3

Read a classic that you haven’t read since high school. You might find you enjoy it more.

Week 4

Choose a New York Times bestseller. It can be from this year or from years past. You can find a list by year here.

Week 5

Pick a book that was made into a movie that you haven’t seen yet. Then watch the movie and compare them.

Week 6

Each book is set in a specific time period. Pick one that was sent in the decade of your birth.

Week 7

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