Author Marketing Tip: Be Creative

Authors are creative. Can we agree about that? They have to be in order to create vivid landscapes, intriguing plots, unique characters, and events that stay with us long after we finish reading.

One of the things creative authors fail to do is be creative in their marketing. They follow in other people’s footsteps and never deviate. Be creative and stand out. Creativity goes beyond the writing. It has to occur in the marketing as well.

Everyone does the same thing over and over. They copy what successful people have done because it had worked at one time. Makes sense, but it also is a way to find failure.

Newsletters all look the same. Launch parties are the same. Book tours just seem to be the same thing done. The rut is heavily traveled. Avoid that!

Think of ways to make them different. I’m not saying newsletters are bad. I enjoy getting them. I enjoy launch parties, but they tend to the same. You need to be creative. How can you stand out from the others? It might be as simple as just adding more color. I’m not suggesting recreate the wheel. Just do something a little different and get attention. Step outside of the mainstream.

What are successful authors doing differently? They obviously are doing something the others aren’t. Find out what it is and see how you can do something similar. You can start out doing exactly what they are doing, but don’t hesitate to be creative and make it a little different. Make it your own!

If successful author A is doing something different, others will follow. Then A doesn’t stand out as much aside from being the first. It will take author B to take what A did and make it their own to stand out. Look at the successful sites and see how it can be improved for your audience.

If nothing else works, ask a kid. They’ll tell you because they are the ultimate in marketing pools. What gets their attention? What would they suggest you do? You would be amazed what good ideas they can come up with. They have creative minds still that have not been hampered by growing up. Let them use it and help you along the way.

It’s good to get second opinions. You are stuck in the work. You might not be able to see what could be improved upon. Just make sure you ask someone for their opinion if they can give it in a supportive way. Kids don’t do that, but for some reason we can take it better.

Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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