Author Marketing Tip: Create Book Bundles

These are becoming more popular over the years. Why buy just one book when for just a little more you can buy two, three, or even a dozen? Readers love a bargain and buying more than one of your books at once is a great way to bring them in. Typically these are done as ebooks but can be done as print, but the price is usually too high for them to garner much attention and thus many sales.

All you do is actually create one ebook with each book separate by either images of the covers or very large title pages so the reader knows they are moving into the next book. It’s that simple. All your are doing is creating a very large ebook.

Separate each book with a blank page or a design so the readers know when a new book is officially starting. Don’t repeat the entire Title Page. Just put the title on one page and nothing more. The details of author name, ISBN, and publisher should only be in the front of the bundle.

Pricing book bundles is just as hard as pricing any other book. What you don’t want to do is price it as though they are purchasing each book separately. That defeats the purpose of the bundling. If the combined value of the books is $11.96, you don’t want to charge that. A good idea is price the bundle anywhere from $.99 to $4.99.

Yes, I said $.99. I saw an author do that with twelve of her novellas. I couldn’t pass that up so I bought it. From there I bought other books of hers. See how it worked? That one bundle opened the door for more sales she never would have gotten from me.

I do suggest that your book cover for your book bundle should not be identical to any cover of the individual books. Why? Because it can confuse readers and potential readers. You want the bundle cover to represent the story but not appear to be only one portion of the story.

Create a montage of all your covers or pull something out from the stories that connects them all. Make it stand out and be original. You never want to confuse your readers.

I love bundles. If I find that I like an author’s work, I’m quick to get their bundles which are cheaper than buying each book individually. I will hesitate on higher priced individual ebooks, but a reasonable bundle will get me every time.

Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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