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A guest post is a great way to market your books, products, and/or services. It is a way to show what you know and get the attention of readers and customers without being too in-your-face. You expand your exposure to more people who might not get to know about you otherwise.

What many authors don’t do is focus on making sure their posts are of good quality. I have hosted many authors, and the posts I get make you almost want to cry. They are barely three hundred words and go on about how they came up with the idea for their book. What’s so bad about the topic is that they have written on that same topic at a dozen other sites. They just repeat themselves over and over again. Boring!

You want posts that are interesting, more than 400 words, and are well edited and written. You can write on the same topic, but approach it from different angels. Don’t just repeat yourself. Anyone can do that. You want to stand out and show your wonderful abilities as a writer. Astound the readers.

In your guest posts, write where the reader can see that you know what you are talking about. What is your book about? If it is about wolves, write an article on endangered species, the different kinds, etc. If your book was about vampires, write a guest post on the history of vampires or how they have been viewed in literature. If your book was a murder mystery, write on the different types of poison that can be used or the standard format of a mystery.

You’re writing on your book without writing about your book. Readers see that you are knowledgeable and want to read more of your work. You aren’t just one to write to gain readers. You write from a passion and exploration of the world around you. Show your readers what all you know.

So where do you guest post? There are many places. Most are blogs for readers. You can also find places that focus on the topics you like to write on. Check out a site called They have different categories you can write for and indirectly market your book. Many book blogs are looking for authors to help them share works with their own readers.

Ask other writers where they have had a chance to guest blog. Search online for book blogs and see if they have guest authors. Reach out to them. See who is willing to have you on their site.

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