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To many reading this piece, you are probably laughing and saying, “DUH!” This should be common sense. Well, you’d be surprised how many authors do not have one or think they should have a website. They don’t understand how important these websites are.

A website is not your Facebook page or anywhere you else you write that is not your solely yours. A website stands alone and not part of a bigger website. It should have only your content on it.

Sounds like common sense, but I’ve worked with several authors who say they have a website only to find out that it is their Facebook page. I cannot get them to understand that it is not a website. The website is Facebook, not their name or the name of their books.

So how do you get a website? First off, there are the free ones which I highly recommend for any new author or one that has never had their own site. Go to Weebly or Wordpress or even Blogspot to get a free site.

Choose a name for your site. I strongly suggest you have it as the name you publish under. Most people will look for that over the title of your book. Plus you will be writing more than one book, so you want to avoid having to create a site for every book. Too much work for you that takes you from your writing.

You can purchase your own domain. It generally costs anywhere from $15 to $150 depending on who you go through and how much help you need setting it up.

Start with the free sites and as you grow and get more familiar with your site’s setup, you can then purchase your own site and manage it.

Make sure you keep your site updated with fresh material. This doesn’t have to be every day, but update it at least once a week. Have a page dedicated to explaining who you are and where else they can find you the web. Create pages dedicated to your work and have a blog to regularly update your readers.

The website is to give your readers a place to learn more about you and your work and discover more of what you have created. Share with them. Invite them in.

Have a website that will attract readers and keep them. You want to share the news of your writing.

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