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These are mysterious markings that are important in marketing and keeping track of posts. They are everywhere. You can even see them on television and on your phone (that four lined grid-looking one on the bottom right). Yes, most of us see them as confusing creations that were designed to show how dumb we really are. And it works! But it is important to use hashtags, and I’ll tell you why.

Hashtags are part of a category system. Want to find all the posts on a particular topic, product, or person? Hashtags help you do that. Think of it as a filing system.

Watch The Today Show. They’ll ask people to post comments on Twitter about a certain topic and have a unique hashtag to represent that. Then they will go out and pull up all posts that have that hashtag on it and post the good ones on television. That hashtag is the file name they pull up to gather all the info they are looking for.

Create a unique hashtag for your product, service, or event. You can find which ones are already in use simply by typing that hashtag in the search box and seeing what comes up. You do not want to use other people’s hashtags especially if they are specific to an organization, product, person, or event. That is akin to stealing. Be unique and don’t hang onto other people’s hashtags.

This symbol can be found all over social media. It has become the way to tag people online. It started on Twitter and has grown to exist all over the social media spectrum. It has become the way for people to track things and to keep online stuff organized. You can also find posts much easier using the hashtag.

Want to find if your own content is being shared? Hashtags are one way to do just that.

There are several sites where you can see trending hashtags and which ones are claimed. One you should check out is Watch how people use them and incorporate them on Twitter, Facebook, and nearly any social networking platform.

Technology changes at lightning speed. That includes how social media is used. Stepping away from the social online world for even a few months can leave you in the dark.

Keep up with the times and know what the latest trends are on social media and with tools such as hash tags.

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