Author Marketing Tip: Use Infographics

This is something that isn’t new, but the realization of how effective they are has hit the stratosphere. This is especially true for authors. Now they are promoted as a must for all marketing no matter what you are trying to promote.

What Are They

Infographics are visual presentations of information that use the elements of design to display content. Infographics express complex messages to viewers in a way that enhances their comprehension. Images are often an extension of the content of a written article, but infographics convey a self-contained message or principle.” ()

They take a large amount of info and condense into a visual aid. It is a quick way to sum up information and help people understand it quicker.

How They Help Market

First off, infographics are simple. They are short and not intimidating as a long article or booklet can be. That gets the attention of the public. Everyone wants simplicity.

Second, they are colorful. No matter what the info is, color will stop a reader and have them see what message the image has to say. That is why color is so important in advertising.

Infographics send short and sweet messages in an eye-catching way. Now that is good marketing!

Where to Share

The answer is anywhere but more specifically sites that love images. Pinterest is one that comes to mind. Share on all social media platforms. Put in the article it refers to and link them together. Share! Share! Share!

Put them in articles. Put them on social media. Put them on Pinterest and similar sites. You can’t share them enough.

What Information to Use

You might wonder what an author could put in such a tool. It basically depends on what you are writing about.

For nonfiction writers, sum up info in your books. Give statistics or lay out your points in an attractive visual appeal. You won’t be giving up the information in your book. You’ll be giving the highlights. That will entice readers in and help those who have read your book to remember points.

For fiction writers, this can be a tad more difficult. You’re not discussing points or info. You’re writing about people, places, and events. For infographics, look to create timelines, character family trees, maps of worlds, or images of beings in the stories. If you have a character that has an eating disorder, create an infographic about this.

The goal is to share something in your writing that is informative and interesting to attract readers.

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