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A vital part of networking is sharing. You don’t want to keep everything tight to your chest. What good is that? You need to share what you know and discover.

You’re probably wondering what I want you to share. In this piece, let’s focus on what will benefit you as an author while networking.

Other People’s Work — As people post links to their own work, read it. I’m not talking here about links to Amazon or other such places to purchase their book. I’m talking about their blog posts, articles, and such. Now before sharing, read the work. Don’t just share because you have no idea what is in the work. Sharing without reading is very dangerous. People who read your posts and shared pieces learn to trust you. If they expect certain quality or types of material from you, then you need to make sure you are sharing that. If your audience is highly religious, don’t share pieces with vulgarity. Read carefully and share what you really find interesting.

Funnies — It’s common to find all sorts of funny pictures, cartoons, and videos online. Social media is full of them. If they apply to your area, share them. I share ones about books and reading as well as anything to do with editing and grammar.

Articles You Find — As you surf the internet, share interesting articles that you find. While you aren’t networking with the authors of the pieces online, you are sharing something cool with others. They will note that and keep an eye out on all your posts because they are so informative.

I cannot stress this enough. Be careful what you share. A publisher friend wanted to open her doors to literally every genre. Problem was that most of her funny posts were crude and vulgar. Authors who didn’t go for that decided not to publish with her company. Her professionalism was absent when she chose what to share online. Keep vulgar or embarrassing posts private if you really want to share them with specific people.

Try to share a post with a comment. State what you liked about it or ask others what their opinions are. If you share with a comment, you encourage others to interact instead of just posting and moving on. It also shows that you took time to read it.

Don’t just share on Facebook. Use other media outlets to share something you really liked. Just be careful not to get called a spammer. That is easy to do when you are just sharing something you loved.

When you network and share things, eventually you’ll get some great payback. They’ll like what you share and keep watching for more. Then as you share your own works, they’ll share them in return. In the end, someone will scratch your book after you have scratched theirs.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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