Book Review of I Am Rome

Rebecca Graf
2 min readNov 16, 2023

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Julius Caesar is one of the most recognized names in history. What we know about him mostly starts right before he becomes the famous dictator. But what brought him to that moment in history? What drove him? What shaped him? In this book, the reader is taken as far back as Caesar’s days as a young boy where he got his first taste of Roman “justice”.

Heads up. The chapters move in time. One minute, the reader is at the defining moment where Caesar will become popular then they are taken back in time to his childhood or when he first began to make a name for himself with those who would want to kill him. At first, this move between time periods was confusing. I had to keep an eye on the first section of each chapter to know when and where I was. But as the novel progressed, I saw that the movement was a perfect dance to help the reader fully understand Caesar and those around him. If the story was told in a flat chronological order, I feel that I would have forgotten important things that were key to the character and plot development. This intricate time dance keep it all fresh in my mind and cleared up many questions I had.

The story is told from the perspective of many characters: Caesar, his mother, his enemies, his friends. This gives the reader a comprehensive view of the history that we know so well that is yet to come. One would think that knowing the end would ruin this telling, but it doesn’t. It actually helps as we get a view of the early years and understand more than his rise to ultimate power and the betrayal of those around him.

I found myself caught in wanting to know more and finish the book as quick as I could. Yes, Caesar will be murdered. Yes, he had enemies, but did he create all those enemies in the few years before his dictatorship? The man we know of was created many years before.

A read I highly suggest for those who love stories about real historical characters. It will have you wanting to dive deeper into the life and times of Julius Caesar.

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