Book Review of Love, Lizzie

Rebecca Graf
2 min readDec 7, 2023

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The novel, Love, Lizzie, is split between two narrators. There is the one with us in modern times sifting through the personal effects of her recently deceased father, and the other of a woman in the 1950s who keeps a diary as “Lizzie”. Each explores their personal pain as they reach out toward each other across the decades.

At first, the story seemed a little disjointed, but that was mainly due to not knowing how these two women were connected. The story moved between the time periods with seemingly no connection. When a connection was revealed, it created more questions than answers.

Eventually, I began to enjoy the story and the view into their worlds. Connections were formed with them as the story progressed. The author kept me guessing on their connection and surprised me in the end. Can’t say anymore on that topic.

A moving piece of literature that will have you hooked as you dive deeper into its depths. The beginning seemed slow, but the pace picked up as secrets are revealed and truths are discovered.

Looking for a family drama with a hint of mystery? This might be a good choice for you.

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