Book Review of Shadows and Masks

Rebecca Graf
2 min readDec 20, 2023

A will needs to be fulfilled which means a wedding will take place soon if the bride lives to see it.

Note: This book was received from a third party with no expectations of a positive review. There are affiliate links within the review that will result in monetary compensation if clicked on and purchases are made.

Emmeline’s father has told her that she has to wed before her birthday or she can’t inherit the family business. The innovative electrical has been by her since her fathers death though most aren’t aware of it. She refuses to bow to love or a husband’s authority so she looks to arrange a business marriage at the last moment. Bart agrees only because Emmeline needs protection in a way only he could give her once he realizes that someone wants her dead.

I was hooked from the first moment Emmeline’s life was threatened. While I enjoy a good romance, one with mystery is even better, and this story was full of mystery. Yes, they were attracted to each other almost immediately, but it wasn’t over the top as some stories can be. In that sense, they were more realistic in trying to keep their emotions in check and just get the job done. The romance developed at a steady base while the characters tried to ignore it and reason their way out of it which can be entertaining all by itself. But the characters are what made the romance so much fun to read.

Both characters are very strong and determined which adds to the sparks between them. Yet both have their own personal demons and faults which the author expertly reveals as we get to know each of them better. Add the mysteries to them and you have the perfect combination.

Now on to the mystery portion….

To the reader’s knowledge, the mystery starts with a gunshot. But it gets more complicated as facts are revealed and most incidents happen. Nothing is as it seems as Bart and Emmeline explore the feelings developing between them. Leave it to the unsavory acts of others to interfere with a growing romance.

A really great read that wouldn’t let me stop until I had discovered the truth. As I am one who loves to guess who the guilty party is, I was close on this one. Kudos to the author for crafting a story that had me guessing.

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