Book Reviewers Should Warn of Spoilers

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Spoilers in a review can really get a reader riled up. They want a review not the secret of who the killer is. That takes the fun of reading completely away from the reader. That means as a reviewer, you don’t want to give the story away. Write a review that keeps the secrets well hidden yet still gives a thorough opinion.

Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t discuss the secrets. You just need to give a warning to the reader first. Give them a chance to stop reading before they learn too much.

These are the secrets you should only discover after reading the book. A spoiler is telling in your review that the butler did it with the candlestick. Then why read the book if there are spoilers to read? You know all the secrets now. Spoilers let those secrets out.

Most readers don’t want to know all the secrets before they read the book. That is a pleasure they want to keep for themselves. That is why you should warn the reader that spoilers are coming.

By giving warnings, you allow a reader to stop before they discover those precious secrets. They are reading your review to see if they are interested in the review. Then they see the warning of spoilers coming. They stop. Scan the headings to see if there is more for them aside from the spoilers. Then they can make up their minds without dismissing the book outright because they read all the spoilers.

You give the reader an opportunity to make up their own minds to read the spoilers or not. You don’t take that away from them by giving the warning of spoilers. Readers will like your reviews more if you warn your reader to be careful proceeding with the review.

Use headings in your review. Make them bold. Readers will easily see the warning. That will make it easier to avoid that section if the reader wants. It can be as simple as Warning! Spoiler Alert. You just want to stop the reader long enough for them to consider reading that section or not.

As a reader, I have come across several reviews that give warnings of spoilers. I appreciate that as I can stop reading if I haven’t read the book yet. If I have read it, I can continue on to compare my opinions to the reviewers.

If you write a review with spoilers, let readers know so you don’t ruin their reading enjoyment.

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