Book Reviewers Shouldn’t Focus on Petty Issues

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A petty reviewer is an embarrassment. They focus on things that should not matter at all in a book review. It wastes good space for potential valuable reviews. Pettiness reveals poor judgement. The sad truth is that there are way too many book reviewers out there fixated on those petty issues. They really shouldn’t do that.

I have numerous reviews where the book reviewer rated the book low because of the names of the main characters. Who cares? What about the plot? Character development? Is the writing any good?

Somes names can be odd. Some can be way out in left field. Others can be rather ordinary. I’ve met real people with really odd names. It happens. Only if the name is vital to the plot should it matter in a review. Book reviews should be about relevant info.

Hang Ups

Some people have hang ups. They don’t like certain things and will fight over them. I have had reviewers give a one star because they hated the name of the main character. The story was good in their opinion, but the names sucked.

Others will get upset at the small details of things they are very familiar with. A friend of mine is an EMT. Any scene with EMTs in it, drive her nuts when the details aren’t right. That is her hang up. That is why I asked her to review the scene in order to get it right.

One book review I read stated that the book was horrible because it involved a couple who had extramarital affairs. Nothing about the writing style or the plot was discussed. It was a review on the one topic only.

You might wonder if these are really petty issues. It depends. In case of the details, let it knock a star off the review, but why would give the story a completely bad review because of only one aspect. That is ignoring all the others. In the case of names, that is petty. Express your opinion and then talk about the rest of the book.

A good reviewer does give opinion on all aspects of the book. That includes plot, character development, editing, descriptions, etc. Mention you hate the names but move on to more important matters readers will be looking for. Focus on the bigger issues regarding a book.

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