Children Can Teach Us Many Things

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Just because we are parents doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything new. The truth is quite the opposite. We learn something everyday that we walk this earth. Our lessons can even come from our very own children. Sometimes those lessons are the best we can absorb.

Different Perspective

As adults, we see life through very narrow lenses. They are well-defined by the world we live in. Children don’t have those limits. In fact, their mind is limitless. They see the world with a wider lens that allows them to see it more completely.

Let me use riddles as an example. The reason most people cannot get a riddle is because they have conditioned their mind to think a certain way and stay inside the box. Children don’t have that problem. They see all the possibilities because society hasn’t taught them that there are no possibilities.

Life is a clean slate to them. They can remind us of the world beyond our narrow scope.

No Cultural Limits

Society has not corrupted the young which means they aren’t told how to think. They can do nearly anything. My oldest was in grade school when she asked a profound religious question. I opened my mouth to give the standard answer and realized that my answer was weak. I had conditioned my response, but she had asked a good question that deserved more thought and a solid answer.

An intelligent person can think for themselves. That is why children are smarter than adults. They have not been intelligently shackled yet.

Life Lessons

Children don’t understand etiquette or tact. If they have a question, they ask it. While we might be mortified at those actions many times, they are life lessons we should take to heart. There is no fear in asking a question. That is how they learn. As adults, we are too often content to go about our lives being ignorant. We’d prefer to avoid asking the question instead of learning the answer.

Since children know less of this world, they are more familiar with it. They see areas they don’t know anything about and explore it. They don’t accept any answer. They’ll ask more questions. They enjoy an adventure which life is.

My children asked about relationships, God, marriage, and even the smallest of animals. They reminded me that there was a lot I didn’t know. I did so much research trying to answer their questions. They also taught me character. I learned to laugh with them, explore with them, and take life as it came.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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