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Children Taught by Incompetent Teachers

We send our children off to be taught by experts, right? Well…..that might not be the case in reality. The teachers our children are under the care of might not be as qualified to teach as you might think. They seem to be unable to do anything aside from following the orders of the state education board. Unless the state orders them to teach certain ways or certain material, they have no idea how to do it.

Let me say that I do not think all teachers are incompetent. I know many wonderful teachers. They left deep impressions in me that still drive me today. Those are the teachers we wish we had more of.

Every state has different requirements for teachers. There is not a federal requirement. States determine how the teachers are educated and what they need to do before actually teaching. The result is that some teachers are better prepared than others in educating our youth. Yet the test scored are pulled together to view the country as a whole. This doesn’t bode well for the areas with incompetent teachers

Many of us think that the history teacher has a degree in history. Truth is, they have a degree in education with a few history classes thrown in. They are only taught to teach our children. They are not taught to be masters of the subject.

I use this one example a lot, but it is a perfect example of how this is not a good thing. My eldest was in sixth grade. Her history teacher had them write a report on the Rosetta Stone (not the software!). She did her research as she was taught and wrote a report stating that the languages on the stone were hieroglyphic, demotic, and Greek. The teacher took off quite a few points and said that was wrong. Sorry, teach. You are wrong. My husband and I both have degrees in history. Husband also has a master’s in it. We had checked over her paper and her sources. The languages were correct. The teacher said the book stated the languages as being hieroglyphic, Greek, and Latin. Therefore she was wrong. Because the book was wrong? She should have been praised for the research and finding the correct answers. Found out the teacher had no idea what the correct ones were and just followed whatever the book said about everything.

Her teacher only knew to follow his instructions. He couldn’t think for himself.

What happened to teachers who could use their minds correctly instead of following what they are told like blind sheep? That’s part of the problem. States are focusing on how to deal with the classroom and not teaching them how to deal with the subject. That means that no matter how good they know how to manage a classroom, they could be teaching our children the wrong information. So what good does that do us?

Most states have their teachers teaching toward the standardized tests that are both state and federal mandated. It is all about the test scores so teachers become more facilitators than teachers. I personally know one grade school teacher who retired as soon as she could because she was told she could not teach anything aside from what had been given to her. No deviations at all if the children ask questions or are curious. No flexibility for anything.

Why can’t we have teachers who think for themselves and can actually teach the subject?

We are graduating students who do not have a good education. They are taught not to be competent and successful citizens but to pass tests to make the schools look good in the hopes of more funding. These students will graduate with wrong information and know only how to regurgitate information to get by.

Students today are being hand fed information. They are not taught to think for themselves because we aren’t letting our teachers think for themselves. We are failing our students with the system and the teachers that are put before them.

Note: I want to stress that I am not saying all teachers are incompetent, but there are too many that is. I have seen it with my own children in the different school districts they have attended. The teachers I personally know feel like their hands are tied and they can’t actually teach competently.

Personally, I think that when the government gets too involved, they cause more problems than solutions. They are too busy trying to make their party look good and the other parties look bad. The actual education of our children is not really in the forefront of their mind. They want to justify their positions and get re-elected. New policies are passed without actually examining them in detail and determining if the effects are actually what they are looking for in the terms of education.

We also need the federal government to step back. Each new administration creates its own programs. This is causing too much change and too many teachers who don’t know how to teach. Focus on the actual education of our youth and leave politics out of it. Give us teachers who can teach. Start at the basics and get them perfected before trying to reach global results.

The criteria for our teachers needs to be competency and the ability to think for themselves. We need to let them do what they do best instead of forcing them into a cookie-cutter teaching environment that is not good for teachers or students.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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