Classical Music Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Rebecca Graf
3 min readApr 5, 2022

Too many of us cringe when we hear classical music mentioned. Unless you grew up with the original Bugs Bunny and pals. Classical music filled these clips, and we didn’t even know it. It was fun and we didn’t realize. The problem is that we think too often of a concert scene with music that is used to put us to sleep. But it is nothing like that. Classical music can be so dramatic and fun.

Era Differences

Most classical music pieces were composed in the mid-1700s through the early 1800s. That was pre-drum, pre-guitar, and a few technological advances that have helped to expand the possibilities of music composition. You will not hear a bass guitar or anything similar. Mostly you will hear string instruments (violins, cellos)and some wind instruments (flute, horn) along with piano, but artists like 2Cellos have made string instruments COOL! Instead of hearing them as “boring”, hear their abilities and enjoy them.

Classical music is from a different era but is inspiration for the music of today. The music we enjoy as new releases today can be traced directly back to these innovative pieces. Listen to the classical pieces and hear similar movements or chords you hear in your contemporary favorite songs.

Have an Open Mind

Don’t approach classical music with your mind made up that it will be boring and that’s final. If you don’t have it in your life, you will continually see it as foreign and boring. Bring it into your daily life.

I use classical music, along with other genres, at work to block out the irritating noises of those around me. Trust me, a good classical piece can block out my co-worker popping her gum. I have found myself enjoying the classical music pieces more and more. I hear scores that have been in my favorite movies which have me bouncing in my seat.

Have an open mind and start to incorporate classical music into your play list and discover the pieces that you like the most. Like any genre, you won’t like it all. That doesn’t mean all classical music is boring.

Appreciate the Complexity

Classical music is not bland. Any musician can appreciate the complexity that shown in every classical music piece…

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