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Courage —Christian Leadership’s Foundation

How would you define courage? According to Webster’s dictionary, courage is “mental or moral strength to venture, preserve, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” It is the ability to go forward despite the obstacles.

Accepting the Challenge

The slap has occurred. The glove has been thrown to the ground. The challenge has been made. The leader is called to either accept it or run for the hills. They are about to walk into the unknown. A leader needs the courage to accept the challenge presented to them and walk forward though they have no idea what is about to happen next. They place their faith, trust, careers, and even their lives in God’s hands as they raise up their chins and step forward to engage the challenge. That is courage.

Stand on the Truth

Another aspect of courage in leadership is to stand on the truth and not waver despite the winds that whip around you. This is not easy if your courage is not grounded in the Word.

Admitting Sins Publically

One thing that really gets me respecting a leader is when they can admit their mistakes before others and ask for forgiveness. That is a leader worth having. Why? Because they are not perfect and when they know that and can admit it, there is room for more growth and an even stronger leader.

Ignoring Peer Pressure

My two choices for this category are Joshua and Caleb. These were just two of many spies sent into Canaan to get a scope of the land and report back to Moses as to what was in store for them. Once all the men got a good look at things they reported back to camp and their leader. But here is where the courage of Joshua and Caleb show them to be the future leaders God needs in the coming years.

Facing “Walls”

Anyone going through life will hit a wall and need to get around it. Leaders will hit a multitude of them and they are always as high as the sky and as wide as the earth. If a leader can be brought down, the enemy will have a success to notch on his belt. But a leader in God’s army has to face their wall.

Confronting Others

Nothing can distinguish a leader like their ability to confront someone in a loving yet strong manner. The Bible demands that we make each other accountable and hold each other up to the Word. Sadly, much of that has fallen by the wayside. But a leader cannot do the same if they are in the army of God.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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