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Creative Acrostic Author Interview Question

Authors are interviewed all the time. It is a great way to get to know them and to get the word out about their books. If you read enough author interviews, you’ll notice many questions being used over and over again by the interviewers. If you are the author and have multiple interviews, you’ll find yourself bored. You need creative interview questions to ask your authors.

Have you considered using an acrostic question in your author interview? I’m serious. It can be a fun interview question. Why? Because creative interview questions have potential to really get interaction going between author and reader and get more followers.

Don’t believe me? Here is why you need to have creative interview questions.

Benefit of Creative Interview Questions

Creative interview questions make the author think. After several interviews, authors begin to give pat answers because it is the same questions being given to them over and over again by every interviewer.

  • Where did the idea for the book come from?
  • What is your next project?
  • What is your day like as an author?
  • Describe your book.

Now, many of those questions are good and insightful as newcomers to the author want to know the answers. They want to know about the origins of the story and what the author is working on. But adding in a few creative ones or asking the same question in a creative manner spices things up. It helps the author. Instead of quickly typing in the answer, the author has to stop and think which means their creative juices get flowing. They are putting more effort into it which means you’ll get a more entertaining answer. Want creative responses from an author? Give them creative questions.

Creative questions and answers are also a lot of fun to read. I had an author give some of the most fun answers to my questions. Many readers commented on how much they loved it. I still go back and read that interview from time to time. It was great! You can get more traffic to your site when your interviews are fun to read. There are many readers who follow a number of blogs. By doing so, it is not uncommon to read several interviews done by the same author. New and creative questions makes it more fun to follow these blogs and the authors.

So, you now know why you need to have some creative author interview questions. They are fun and help draw in readers. They also endear you to the author.

Now, on to that acrostic question.

The Acrostic

An acrostic is taking the letters from a word and attributing to them other words that are related to the main word or follows a theme. Here is an example to better explain it:

Word = Summer


Unusual vacations

Midnight swims


Extreme heat

River fishing

Okay, that is not the best acrostic, but it fills the role of an example. See how it works. The description of summer is attributed to each of the letters. I could have put colors to the word Summer.







Now, how can you use that in an author interview?

Acrostic Author Interview Question

In using an acrostic for your author interview questions, you need to decide if you want to use the author’s name, the title of the book, a character’s name, or the genre. You can expand on this if you like, but these are the basic ones.

Let’s say you will use the author’s name — Allan Buck (decided to be more creative than John Doe). We have the basis for the acrostic. Now, what will we have the author use it for? What will the words he choose have to relate to?

  • Describe himself
  • Describe his book
  • Words associated with the season
  • Describe the writing style

See what I’m getting at? Let’s Allan Buck describe himself in the acrostic.










From this acrostic, we can tell that Allan thinks he is really hot stuff. How about his book?










He thinks his book is great, too. LOL Now, let’s come up with even more fun acrostic ideas. It is good to continue using the author’s name, the name of the book, or something directly related to him and his work.

  • Describe the room you are in
  • Hints to your next work
  • Your favorite movie
  • Your childhood

The acrostic interview question can be fun. You can even use it when you do a character interview. That can be loads of fun to construct and for the writer to write. You can even have a section where the character does one and the author does another so you can see their ‘relationship.’

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