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This is the second book in a series. You can read the first one here - looked down at his own body lying on the cold stone floor. Blood still covered his shirt and hands, though it had now dried dark and hard. His hair was in disarray across his face where he had dropped his body down as exhaustion took over. He should have been happy that he had pulled a fast one on them, but all he felt at the moment was rage. Even comatose, the hands were clenched in tight fists wanting to hit flesh.The cave his body now lay in was his backup location. The wolves knowing original hiding place did not bode well. He would have to rest and then retrieve his precious knives. He had left them in the other cave. This cave was smaller in comparison. Its ceiling was just as high so that a six-and-a-half foot man would not need to worry about hitting his head. It was only about ten feet across and narrow at twenty feet long. He preferred this one because of the natural spring at the far end that bubbled up into a rock bowl and flowed through a hole in the wall out into the creek beyond. The location was just not as ideal for his need to be near Brenna.He had several lanterns placed around the cave, but they were not lit now. He had been too tired to light them. He really didn't need them as his night vision was excellent, but it gave him a sense of humanity. That was something he had very little of.He thought back on what had happened just hours earlier. The feeling of his own knife entering his stomach took him completely by surprise. The pain that sliced through him was nothing compared to the anger and shock that had exploded at the action. Never did he anticipate that move from her. He thought by now that he would have possessed Brenna and assumed the power he knew was waiting for him. Nothing was going right for him on this. It was supposed to have been easier than it had been over the last hundred and twenty years. All he had to do was take the virginity of the one possessing the mark. It was that easy. Or so he had thought.Three times she had escaped him. Two times he could not get around it. This time, he would. Though it was close. Brenna's death would have ruined it all. Now, she was no longer pure in the sense he needed her to be. It wasn't ideal but there was a loophole for him. He just needed to rest and get his human body back to full strength.His body might need rest, but his mind didn't. That was a downside to the bargain he had made, but all that would be remedied soon. He just had to come up with a new plan. Looking back down at his body, he realized that it would take a considerable amount of time to recover. His body had been through too much and needed the time to repair itself so he could use his full power. This was not the ideal situation as being out of his human form left him vulnerable. If anyone entered the cave, he would be unable to do anything to protect himself. It was imperative that the cave remain hidden. Time was not on his side. He had to kill Slaton soon.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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