Do Book Reviewers Write Reviews Only on the Books They Like?

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There are some reviewers who tend to only review books they like. I have visited their sites. There is nothing in essence wrong with this, but I do want you to think on this. If the book isn’t on their site, does that mean they disliked it or that they just haven’t read it yet? There is no answer to this question. They will not review one they didn’t like.

A review is written to share one reader’s opinion to other readers who might be interested in reading the book. Readers want to know the good and bad before they try to read a book. Reviews to need to show it all to those looking at the book with intent.

Think of it this way. Why do people read reviews? To get an opinion of the reader. Doesn’t have to be always be good or always be bad.

I highly suggest you review any book you read, whether you liked it or not. Let your followers know and why. Maybe your reasons aren’t the same as it would be for me. Share the info. Share you opinion and let the reader decide from there.

When I find a book that I’m interested in, I read the reviews. This is especially true if it is a new author or a new genre I’m venturing into. I read the bad reviews and okay reviews more than I read the positive reviews. I need to see why people didn’t like the book. If it is for the same reason I don’t like books, I might give that book a skip. If it is over things that don’t matter to me, I move on to the positive reviews and get a better handle on the entire view of the book.

Yes, writing a negative book review is not fun. But you can do it in a way that is not nasty. Give your honest opinion. That is all anyone is asking for. While you can write a review on any book you want, I do suggest that you write them for both loved and not so loved. Your readers will appreciate it.

Reviewing all kinds of books will help your followers know what kind of books you like to read and the ones you like to avoid. Don’t be one sided even if it leans toward glowing reviews. Share it all.

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