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The last time we met, we began the journey of discovering the large and wealthy book of Proverbs. We started out by looking at verse 2 in chapter 1 and examining the definitions of the words ‘wisdom’, ‘discipline’, and insight. Today, let’s go onto the next verse that expounds further on why we should study Proverbs and gain wisdom.

Proverbs 1:3

For acquiring a disciplined and prudent life,

Doing what is right and just and fair (NIV)

Make It Personal

Don’t forget to make it personal. Write this verse in your notebook and explain what you think it means or how it is applied in your life. Make this a habit as you go through this study.

Understanding the Words

I want to again visit the definition of the words used in this verse. (Please be patient with exploring the definitions of words. I’ve found many times that someone will totally miss the point of something because the words were not clearly understood.)

Webster says:

Disciplined — marked by or possessing discipline (training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character)

Prudent — marked by wisdom

The other day I was told by a woman who works with children at church and at school that she was very impressed with my children. She said that they were so polite and were always looking out for those who need help. You don’t find many kids that act like that. I’m not saying all this to brag about my children (though I am VERY proud), but I’ve been told that many times by various people over the years. One of the reasons I feel is that I’m always stressing to them moral character. Unfortunately, one way I do that is by using adults as examples and showing them how NOT to act. The media and our “role-models” are not exactly shining examples of discipline, moral character, and prudence. Doing what is right and fair become the exception instead of the norm.

We are in a society in which being different or standing out by doing the “odd” thing really appeals to people. But it seems that the common thing to do is act foolishly and to show no discipline in any areas of our lives (drunken parties, lack of clothing, abuse, and so on). The papers and the internet are teaming with the exploits of the musicians, athletes, and actors that our children are watching and paying attention to. No wonder that we are surprised when we see people act with character and wisdom. And how sad for us all.

We should always strive for a moral and upright life. Now, let’s not take this as though I’m saying that everyone should join a convent or priesthood. This goes back to truly understanding the meaning of the words used in the verse. Being prudent does not mean that you wear clothes that cover every square inch of your body or never look at a person in case you sin. The definition means that a prudent person is one that is wise and you can see evidence of that wisdom in their lives.

Take a few moments and think of all the people you have known over the years that you would say show wisdom, that are prudent. In your notebook write down those names. I’ll be honest with you. I had trouble thinking of more than two people. Two people in all my …….. years (alright, over 40 years). I felt so bad. I thought that I was forgetting some worthy soul. Months have gone by and the list has not grown. How many did you get? If you have an extremely short list, too, sleep on it for a few days and revisit it.

Make it Personal

  • What do these words tell you?
  • What is missing in our society?
  • What is missing in your personal life?
  • Do you feel an urge to have your name rightly placed on someone’s list?

Look up self-control and where it can be found in the Bible.

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