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When you do things yourself, you’ll find that you save quite a bit of money. After all, when you pay someone else to do it, most of the money is in the labor and not the material. When you perform the labor, you save money.

Remember that you like to be paid well for the work you do. So does everyone else. Parts might only cost a few dollars, but the labor to complete the job could be tens times that.

Just in case you don’t know what DIY means, let’s explain it. It stands for Do It Yourself. Anything can be DIY. Crafts. Home projects. Car repairs. Cooking. If you can do it yourself instead of hiring anyone else to do it or buy it already done, it is do it yourself.

In this piece, we will be discussing anything that is DIY that is cheaper to do it yourself.

This is a big DIY area where you can save money. We all have home repairs. They occur every year, sometimes every month. They typically need to be fixed though a few can wait a bit. What do you do when these things need fixing?

Most of us ask for help. We call a friend or family member who knows how to fix a broken shelf or a busted pipe. If that doesn’t work, we call a professional handyman to get the job done. That can costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

This is where you can save by doing the repairs yourself. Let me give you an example that might sound exaggerated, but it is exactly what I was quoted. I bought a simple curtain rod. It was one of those that was for sheer curtains and cost me less than $5.I was offered installation services. In truth, I didn’t need them. I could put them up myself or my husband could do it. For some reason, I asked how much. I mean, the curtain rod was so simple. What could they possible charge me? I was floored when I was quoted a $135 installation fee on an item that cost the same as a fancy coffee.

Doing it myself saved me over a hundred dollars.

Sometimes things don’t really need fixing, but they need improving. Let’s say you want new color in the kitchen because the old paint is very faded and is nothing close to its original color. You could hire someone to paint it for you. Many professional painters do a bang up job. That could cost you $500 at the least for a good painter just for one room like a kitchen. Doing it yourself could cost you less than $100.

Need a new light fixture. Once you purchase the item for $50, you’d have to pay someone a few hundred to put it in for you. Doing it yourself can be so much cheaper.

I do want to note here that not all DIY home improvement projects will save you money. If you have no idea what you are doing when it comes to plumbing, electrical work, or major improvements, you really need a professional. You can cause more damage if you don’t know what you are doing.

This is a big DIY saving area most take for granted or just do not think of how much they spend in prepped meals.It is the hidden DIY saving that could be the difference between bankruptcy and saving money for your new house.

How many meals do you eat out? That includes take out, ordering in, or sitting at a restaurant. That is where you are losing your money. Let’s look at detail at it.

You grab breakfast on the way to work. That is $5-$10 a day depending on where you go. Then lunch can be $5-$20 each day. At the lowest level for those two meals a day, you are looking at $300 a month for food. This doesn’t count dinner or snacks. In truth, you could make your own meals for less than a third of that. And remember that these numbers were from the low end. More than likely, the reality is much higher.

For $10 or less, you can purchase the makings of breakfast burritos that could feed you for two weeks or more. Tortillas, eggs, sausage, salsa, and anything else you like. Keep two or three in the fridge and freeze the rest. You just saved yourself at least $70.

For lunch, you can make sandwiches or salads. For $10, you can buy all the items for a hearty sandwich that could last for another two weeks. That’s another $70 for just two weeks of food.

Making your own food saves you a ton of money especially if you know how to stretch your dollars at the store. Save money with DIY food.

Not every gift has to be expensive and store bought. Ones you make yourself can be extremely special to the recipient. You put yourself into it.

I love to crochet. It relaxes me. I use this hobby to make gifts for people. What I make is cheaper than if I had to buy it in the store and is made with love. A perfect gift for both giver and receiver.

Too many don’t think of making homemade gifts. Don’t buy a box of cookies. Make them yourself and tie a ribbon around the container. They taste so much better when you make them at home. Your talents can be wonderful gifts.

Here is a very expensive area that you can save money with DIY if you know how or know someone who can help you. If you have someone put the wiper blades on for you, it can get pricey. If you go to the store and get themselves to put on, you’ll save quite a bit. Instead of $40 or more for an oil change, you can spend only $5 for the oil. That is if you know how and you have a place to do it right.

This is a tricky area like home improvements. Some things you can figure out yourself with the wonderful resources online to instruct you, but there are many things that a professional should be the only one tackling. Make sure you know what you are doing before costing yourself a lot more money than you have.

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