How Reading Helps Improve Yourself

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Everyone is looking for the latest fad in making themselves better all the way around. The simple things get forgotten. Like reading. We forget how much reading can help us improve ourselves. It can help us in so many ways. Here are just a few:

Expanding Knowledge
We never stop learning. Even as our hair turns white and our hearing goes, we are still learning things. Reading helps us expand that knowledge on nearly any subject imaginable. Even through fiction books we can learn things or read topics that spike our interest. Then you get more books on that topic and learn even more.

This can be a fun way to expand what you know. If you like to read already, it just feeds your passion. If you don’t like to read, it might help you find that love.

Exposure to Different Cultures
When you read, you get exposed to different cultures. If you read a story set in Afghanistan in the early 2000s, you get a view into the lives of that culture. You see how they interact, how they live, how they deal with conflict. It will different yet at times similar with your own culture. You learn more about other people, but you only get a glimpse into their lives.

You step outside your world and get exposure to others.

Sometimes reading will give you advice to your own problems you are dealing with. It could fiction or non-fiction. You might find in a fiction book an example of what you are going through. You can see how others react and the outcome. Nonficiton books give you expert advice and can be extremely helpful through difficulties.

Reading gives you advice, but it up to you fo implement it.

New Hobbies
You might discover new hobbies from your reading. Maybe a character is into knitting, and you never had tried it. It might have you give it a good old fashioned try. Maybe a character cans preserves. I’ve never made them. Maybe I could give it a try. There could be new hobbies we are exposed to as we read.

You might find something fun to do that you had never thought of before.

Talking Points
Reading helps you have talking points with people. You’ll be exposed to more topics simply by reading more. Also, many books have become cultural followings. If you read Game of Thrones, you can understand many references used on the news and around the water cooler. Reading non-fcition books also gives you talking points about health, politics, and more.

Reading always helps you socially.

Keeps Mind Active
Reading is a great way to keep your mind active. It has been shown in multiple studies that dementia can be fought by keeping the mind active. The more you read, the more you engage your mind and force the cells to work and not grow still due to unuse.

Active minds are not easy to quiet. They continue growing and fight off disease and old age as they grow in ability and knowledge.

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