How to Avoid Author Marketing Disasters

Rebecca Graf
4 min readJun 1, 2018

Disasters can be horrible. They are even worse when you are in the middle of them. Unless it is an act of God, usually you can avoid disasters in your life, especially when it comes to marketing your books.

I cannot tell you how many times I watch authors in the midst of their own marketing disasters that have them wanting to quit writing altogether. They rush headlong into marketing and find themselves in a hurricane. It is not a pretty sight and can be demoralizing.

Here are a few marketing disasters most authors can avoid if they are listen to a word of caution.

Rushing — Take Your Time

Don’t rush into your marketing or rush the marketing. Take your time. It is very important because when you rush, you shoot yourself in the foot. Big decisions such as this should never be rushed into.

Research every marketing strategy before you start using it. I don’t care if the most famous author said it was successful to them. It might not be right for you right now. Take your time and research it.

Also, this will protect you from scams. Research so you don’t walk into something and hand over your checking account. You’ll regret that for many years to come.

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