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How to Improve Your Reading Speed

Wish you could read faster? Always wanted to not spend hours over something others around you read in just mere minutes?

You can easily increase your reading speed by knowing the tricks that others use every day. Just read on and discover exactly how to improve your reading speed.

The Truth About Fast Readers

What you have to understand is that over ninety-nine percent of fast readers aren’t really reading everything they look at. Seriously. They are only reading what they have to read to get the gist of what is written and to understand it enough to converse and/or take a test about it. Fast readers are just great at getting the highlights and the important stuff.

Like What You Read

If you really want to watch yourself fly through reading material, you need to read what you like. When I pick up a book I enjoy, I can fly through it. When I pick up one that is not exactly my type, I seem to take forever to read.

Now, we can’t always read what we enjoy. If you are in school, there is a lot you have to read that you don’t like. Trust me. I’ve been there. But I can still read it pretty fast. How? Just read on.

Don’t Worry About the Details

There are a lot of details in material you read that is not extremely important. It is there as supportive to the main idea, but is not important to read. You don’t need to spend a ton of time reading all of this. You want the main stuff. You want the meat. You want the backbone of the material, not the fluff.

How do you distinguish between the details and the meat? The next sections will help you do just that.

Pay Attention to Headers

The headings of any piece help you. If it is a straight novel, that might not be as easily done. But this works great with textbooks, articles, and similar material. The headings are crucial. They are the meat of the piece.

Let’s use this very article as an example. Let’s say that you only had a matter of minutes to read this article. For me, that would be no problem. For others, this could look like hours worth of reading. It doesn’t have to be.

Look at the headings I used. Each one would represent a bullet point of how to improve reading speed. Here I say, “Pay Attention to Headers”. That is all I’m writing about here. The next section you can easily see is about first and last paragraphs. They can help you improve reading speed. See? Now, keep reading to find out about those first and last paragraphs.

First and Last Paragraphs

What are so important about first and last paragraphs? They introduce you to the material and summarize what you’ve read.

In writing that first paragraph, the writer is to help you understand what you are about to read and why it is important. They will usually have one sentence that sums up the entire piece they are writing. The rest of the material supports that statement.

The last paragraph sums up what the entire piece says. It should give you a recap of all the major points or at least expand more on the sentence from the first paragraph.

First Sentences

When you scan over those headings and those first and last paragraphs, give those first sentences of each paragraph a glance. It is quiet common for them to be summarizing the paragraph. When you need to read the whole piece but don’t have the time, those first sentences can be your saving grace.

When skimming the material, take in those first sentences. They are there to help you through the material. Might as well as take advantage of it.

If you want to improve your reading speed, don’t read every single word. Read the highlights. Read the headings. Read the first sentence of each paragraph. Read the first and last paragraphs. You’ll soon find that you’re reading faster and retaining information.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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