How to Tell if You Need to Improve Your Health

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Many times we live in the dark about ourselves. We see what we want to see. That includes our health. We want to see ourselves healthy, therefore we are healthy, right? Nope.

You probably need to improve your health and are ignoring the signs. But how can you tell if you are in such denial? Here are a few ways to tell if you need to improve your health.

Short of Breath
An unhealthy body shows signs when you struggle to breath doing the simple things. Does just walking across the room cause you to be short of breath? Do simple tasks feel difficult to do without heaving breathing? This could be a sign that your body is unhealthy.

This needs to be addressed as the breathing problem could be a sign of a condition that needs to be looked into immediately or simply that your body is not in shape. That needs to be watched carefully too. ​

Simple Becomes Difficult
​Think of the simple tasks you do nearly everyday. Are they becoming a struggle? Do you feel like these tasks are exhausting and weaken you? This could be a sign that you are unhealthy.

The younger you are, the more alarming this should be. The simple things should not be difficult. An unhealthy body will become hard to move about and accomplish all those simple acts. I discovered this when walking into work made me winded. I noticed that just walking in the mall with my daughter took the breath from me. I was unhealthy. I needed to make some changes.

Tired All The Time
We should not be tired all the time. I was in my early forties and found myself wanting to nap everyday after work. That should not be a common occurrence. It got worse when I slept most of the weekend. I was unhealthy.

If you find yourself with little to no energy, you are unhealthy. It might be to a sickness or the fact you need to exercise and possibly lose weight.

Too Heavy/Too Thin
If you are too heavy or too thin, you are unhealthy. Let me make this clear. I do not believe that there is a magic number everyone has to be at. We are all unique and do not have to look like supermodels. We can be beautiful in any shape or size. When I talk about being too heavy or too thin here, I’m talking the health of your body.

When you are too heavy, your joints struggle to work right. That can cause pain and other potential problems. Losing the extra weight that is causing the problems can help you get healthier all the way around. Your body needs fat, but too much causes problems with the heart, the liver, and the pancreas. As we already noted, joints also are impacted.

Being too thin can also be a bad thing. It can cause your bones to become brittle which in turn leads to easy breaks. Also, your chemical balance can be off if you aren’t eating right. This can lead to many health problems. A little fat on the bones is a good thing.

Bad Blood Numbers
When you go to the doctor and the blood results are not good, you are unhealthy. This can be a big indicator of your health inside. Even if your weight is good and you don’t look sick, you could be unhealthy. Blood tests show if you are getting the right nutrients. If things are off, your body will not function properly and could lead to disease.

If you are depressed often, it could be a sign of being unhealthy. Our physical health impacts our emotional health. We can be depressed because we are inactive, too heavy/thin, or our organs and glands aren’t working right. Depression can be a big sign that we are unhealthy.

What To Do About It
First, see your doctor. See if there are things that you cannot correct without the aid of medical professionals. Then start changing your diet, exercising, and finding reasons to laugh. You might find the first step to being healthy is a good-hearted laugh.

Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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