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How To Use Humor For Stress

Stress is in everybody’s life. Stress doesn’t always have to be bad, but it can make you lose sight of the humorous side of things. How can humor help the stress in you life? More than you could possibly know.

Humor has become a very popular method of tackling the stress in people’s lives. You’d be surprised how much difference a little laughter can make. I know from personal experience.

Our Emotions and Our Health

You’ve heard the saying about how an apple a day can keep the doctor away. Well, a laugh an hour can do the same thing and be more fun. I’ve seen it work.

Studies have been done over the past century or more on how humor affects our health. It does way more than you might imagine. Laughter has been found to be the best medicine you can get. It speeds up the healing process and brings a person into a better frame of mind.

When you laugh, your body releases many different chemicals and cells into your body. All of them are good agents that help your body repair itself and strengthen the immune system. They help the body fight off diseases and foreign cells. They are the strength that keep us going through hardtimes.

Watch a comedy that has you in stitches and you could be helping your body fight off a cold. Continual laughter has been shown to help cancer patients recover from treatments quicker and even help fight the cancer cells. Laughter might not be the cure all, but studies have shown that it is very powerful in keeping us healthy.

What does that say to those who don’t laugh? It means they are more susceptible to viruses and sickness than someone who finds a lot to laugh about. Stress raises blood pressure, increases muscle tension, and causes headaches. This also leads to bowel problems and other digestive concerns. Nothing good comes to your body from stress.

Your emotions strongly influence your health.

Finding the Humorous Side of Things

Okay, so you can see how humor can be good for you, but what in life is so funny? Everything. You have to find the humorous side of things. There always is one.

You know the old saying of when you have to give a speech of looking at the people in front of you as sitting in their underwear? That is taking a stressful situation and seeing the humorous side. Get a laugh out of anything. It’s not hard if you stop and look around. There are reasons to laugh everywhere.

Do you have kids? Do you have kids around you? Right there is a source for laughter. They say and do the funniest things. I think they younger they are the funnier they are. They just do it naturally.

Are you married? There is humor abounding everywhere. My husband comes up and hands me the jug of milk. I raise my eyebrows. I don’t have to say a thing. He realizes that he is bringing me the milk instead of my purse. Where did that come from? As he walked to put the milk up and get my purse, I die laughing.

Do you have to deal with the public? That is another great source of humor. You could be finding yourself laughing so hard from things that happen and things that are said.

Can’t think of anything? Look at these tips on bringing humor back in your life.

Personal Experience

Lately this has become a big part of my life. Over the last few years, my family has faced several phsyical and financial stresses that have brought us down heavily. Depression was ever present. Anything that was stressful would bring me down further.

I began to notice that work became a safe haven for me. I laughed so much there. Several of us faced strong challenges involving death, sickness, and marriage problems. We found laughter helped us.

Inside jokes began to develop. I commented to one co-worker how I should become a rabbit and eat only lettuce. I made the mouth of a rabbit eating which sent her into hysterics. Now when one of is stressed, I repeat the actions. We both dissolve into laughter. With another co-worker we just have to say one innocent word to send us laughing.

All of this has made us all enjoy work more and give us a place where laughter is healing. We have our moments as everyone does, but we say our code words and break down into laughter. We feel better. Humor makes us work better and improves our attitudes.

Humor Stress Tips

Here are a few suggestions to help you bring laughter back into your life and help lower your stress levels.

1. Watch a funny movie — There are some movies that will make you smile and laugh no matter how bad of a day you have. Mine is Lucille Ball. Her antics have me cracking up because she is so silly.

2. Watch a comedian — I was having a bad day. I walked through the living room and heard a stand up comic on the television my husband was watching. I didn’t even realize that I had stopped and was listening to him. I was cracking up. There went my bad mood. Laughter had changed my entire day.

3. Watch a stupid movie -Yes, I said stupid. I’ve had more laughs watching movies that are so stupid and silly. We laugh over the bad special affects and the corny lines. We even mute a show and add our own lines. You’ll be cracking up over the dumbest things.

4. Go to the zoo -Animals are so funny. Go to the zoo and watch all sorts of animals put on a show for you. The zoo isn’t for just kids. It is for adults to have fun and remember what it was like to be a kid. I love watching the animals play and imitate us.

5. People watch — I know you shouldn’t laugh at people, but it’s not really being mean. I’ve gotten such a laugh watching little old ladies give their husbands an earful and the men just ignoring them. I lost it once when the man caught me watching and winked at me. He knew what he was doing. You’ll see kids doing funny things. You’ll even see couples being sweet and smile.

6. Have a tickle war — Come on! You know you laughed hard as a kid when you were tickled. Why do you have to a kid? My kids love to come up and tickle me. It then get my revenge. It’s so much fun, and my side’s end up hurting from the tickling and the laughter.

7. Have a food fight -Yes, a mother says to have a food fight. One night my husband was being a brat at the dinner table. The kids were giggling because Dad was trumping Mom. That was until they broke out into laughter when I picked up a spoonful of mashed potatoes and shot it at him. Granted we didn’t go overboard but it was fun.

8. Reminisce -Thinking of the days gone by can be so much fun. We talk about childhood pranks, the times we got caught doing something we shouldn’t, and the embarrassing moments. I really love to hear of things my siblings did.

9. Play games -Want a laugh? Play charades, Twister, or some other interactive game. Even the games where you draw things for others to guess what it is can be a hoot. People loosen up and get silly.

10. Spend time with your pets -Pets are hilarious. They do funny things. I watch my medium size lab carry around this limb and rolling around with it. We die laughing watching it. Then the cat is prowling through the hosta. It looks like he ought to be in the jungle hunting for prey.

Have a Laugh

Enjoy life. Look for the humorous side of things. Get a laugh out of life and give sickness a swift kick in the fanny. Let laughter help you relax from stress and keep your body healthier. After a while it will become natural to you.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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