Importance of Family Relations

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Family is important. They are vital for your overall health and improvement. It is an interesting concept to explore how the impact of family can be on you. It is not as cut and dry as you might think. Family is complex and can be defined in multiple ways depending on your specific experience.

Defining Family
You might think that defining family is easy. If you are talking biological, it can be somewhat easy. It is those people are blood related to you or through marriage. Divorce makes that a little murky. Are they still related to you despite the legal dissolution of marriage? Some would argue yes and others would take the opposite stance of no. The ex-husband of Aunt Joan might be considered family still by some people, but others might see him as an outsider now who had relations with the family.

Then there is family that is not related at all via blood or legal means. They are friends so close to you that you consider them family. We have a dear friend whom my husband considers a brother. Our children call him Uncle. They see him as family. There is no blood connection. There is no legal connection, but he is family. Many of us have family such as this.

On this site, we will be using the term “family” in its broadest sense.

Role of Family
So what is the role of family in our lives? It all depends on your situation. Some people are highly involved with their family. They support each other in every aspect. If a babysitter is needed, one is quickly found with family. There is always support from the family.

Then there is the situation where family is distant for whatever reasons. Family is not a big role in everyday life. Family can serve many different levels in our lives. Some have no interaction with family members.

Using Family to Improve Yourself
Family can be helpful in improving yourself no matter what your relationship is with them. They can be so helpful here in ways you never thought about.

Let’s start on how you can learn from their misdeeds. What they do wrong, the mistakes they make can be lessons on how to improve ourselves.

You can also learn from their achievements. Learn how they improved themselves and try following their footsteps. They might even join you on this journey and be a team with you.

Unhealthy Family Relationships
There can be unhealthy family relationships. Many families have these. Most of them need to be handled with care or completely removed from your life. No matter how they are related, it might be good to remove them. There are people who will want to hang me for this, but there are some people who should not be a part of your life. If they are physically or mentally harming you, they need to be removed.

Other unhealthy family relationships can be held at arm’s length. They are toxic, but you might not want them out of your life. We all have people like that in our lives. They need to be treated cautiously.

Repairing or Enhancing Bonds
There are many bonds in our family that need repairing or just enhanced. They might have been damaged by time and distance. Sometimes we just let relationships fall by the wayside. Improving ourselves can be done by attending to those relationships. It can be a lesson on patience, forgiveness, and humility.

It will take time and determination on your part. You will find that as you deal with family relationships, you improve yourself and grow.

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