Inspire Your Muse by Reading Magazines

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Inspiration can be found anywhere. It can be found visiting a historical site. It can be found in a dream. And it can be found simply by reading a magazine.

Magazines are a great source of news, cultural trends, and education. Think of everything magazines reveal to you. You read scandals. Drama. History. Political spins. It is all there.

Read about the latest Hollywood gossip. Get ideas for stories. Get ideas for scenes. If you are struggling in your writings, read magazines and get plenty of ideas.

Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, there is not much to do. I can play a game on my phone or read a book. Then there are the magazines on the table next to me. They talk about sports, health, famous people, politics, and home and garden. Inspiration from all angles is there for you.

Need a description of a well-decorated patio? Check out that lawn and garden magazine. Need unique foods for a meal in one of your scenes? Read the gourmet feed magazines. You can find so much just from a magazine.

Use magazines as writing prompts to overcomed writer’s block. Let them give you ideas of scenes, plots, and people. I’ve found models that become models for charcters to help me describe them to my readers.

Inspiration can be found literally anywhere. Why not magazines? Open up a National Geographic magazine and learn of new cultures to incorporate into your story. Ideas are endless in these small publications.

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