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Killers of the Church — Tradition

The church over years has gone through various deaths. There are three main things that are killing the church of today: the tongue, complacency, and tradition.

Why Is It Done?

One red flag for tradition is when no one remembers why it is being done. No one remembers, but heaven forbid if anyone does not follow tradition. Tradition itself becomes the ruler and not the thing it is symbolic of. Have you ever seen Fiddler on the Roof? My family loves that movie. One of the lines that stands out is when the main character, Tevye, is talking about the traditions of his religion. “Why do we do it? I don’t know, but it’s tradition!” He says this over and over in the musical number he performs. The meaning of the tradition is lost. The very purpose of the tradition is gone from memory. Then why even do the tradition? The reason a tradition is started especially for cultural or religious purposes is for very specific reasons and the tradition is to remember it. For a Jew, the Passover Feast is to remember the last plague on Egypt and the exodus that occurred shortly afterwards. If no one remembers why there is lamb, why there are bitter herbs, and why there is unleavened bread, why even have the Passover? The intent of the meal was not to get together with friends and get drunk. The purpose was to remember a miracle and a blessing.

Tradition Supercedes

Another warning of tradition becoming deadly is when the tradition supercedes anything else. When a person is in the hospital dying of cancer, do you insist on still having the holiday meal at their house just because it always has been? My mother had a chance to help those that were homeless the year my father passed away. She went down to a soup kitchen and helped out. My sisters were all upset because Thanksgiving was not the same. It had to be at her house. The thought that someone was giving of their time to help those in need was pushed to the back. Tradition had to be upheld. My husband’s grandmother had to have the family gathering on Christmas Eve. Once many in the family began to get married, other family’s traditions had to be accounted for. Compromises were made. To her that was unacceptable. Tradition had it at her house on Christmas Eve; therefore, everyone else was to change their traditions. Relationships were damaged.

How Tradition Kills

How do traditions kill the church? By the church refusing to change or compromise on them. As I stated earlier, traditions are usually created for a particular purpose. It is usually done to remember an event, a person, or to keep a family or culture connected. I also mentioned the Jewish Passover as an example. What if something happened that prevented them from celebrating on that day? Maybe it was a natural disaster. Something came up that absolutely prevented the feast from occurring. Will the world end? Is everyone going to hell now? No. In fact, this very situation is addressed by God in the Bible.

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