Know Your Body When You Talk With Doctors

You have so much power in your corner when it comes to dealing with doctors, and you might not even know it. By knowing your body, you have more power than your doctors and can get tip the scales to get better care when they realize it.

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Know What is Normal for Your Body

There might be textbooks on human anatomy, but every single person is unique. Not every body works the same. That is why you have to know your job. The doctor only knows the textbook workings of the body. Anything unique has to be pointed out to them. Only you know what is normal and what is not.

Don’t make assumptions. Don’t assume the doctor knows what is wrong. He doesn’t feel your pain or know what is going on inside you. Get familiar with your body and listen to when it is not your version of normal. My blood pressure is normally on the low end of normal. When it is on the higher end, doctors accept it as being okay. He has to know what is normal for me.

Understand Anatomy

Start with understanding basic anatomy. You should understand how your body works so you can know if something is okay or not. Plus it can be fun to understand the functioning.

If you know how your digestive system works, you’ll know when you need to see a doctor or when you can apply specific home remedies. Not knowing your body has you worried with every ache and pain and possibly ignoring major issues your body is trying to disclose to you. Study how the circulatory system works, how every system in your body goes about its daily business. You don’t have to know it as well as a doctor, but you should know it enough to understand the messages your body is sending to you daily.

Evaluate Your Body’s Messages

Pay close attention to what your body is saying to you. Let’s take stomach pain for example. We all have it. By far, it is a common ailment, but when should we run to the doctor? There are signs your body gives you. Have you had this pain before? Does it go away after you go to the bathroom? Then you just might be having some bowel discomfort we all have. Is the pain so bad you get sick to your stomach or you double over? Well, that is not so normal and should be addressed to a doctor. Watch the pain carefully. See if home remedies work. If it persists, you know how to explain to the doctor how different it is from your normal discomfort and what things have not worked for you.

Knowledge is Protection

When you have knowledge of your body, you have more power than anyone. You have the power to get the right treatment you need and deserve. You can push to get second opinions when you know your body well enough. Let me give you an example.

My husband was shoveling snow and his chest began hurting. Needless to say, we ended up in the ER. They found nothing wrong and decided he had strained a muscle. Over and over we ended up in the ER and several times admitted to the hospital. He had classic heart symptoms with pain in the center of his chest and radiating down his left arm. Yet all the tests showed that he was fine. Doctors even suggested that he see a psychiatrist. He knew his body and knew it was real. The pain was getting worse. In the end, he had to have a stint put in as he had two 95% blockages that would have killed him. For five months he kept telling the doctors that he knew he body well enough to know there was something really wrong. The power was with us to be able to get second opinions and demand the care he deserved.

Have the Power

Know your own body. Get familiar with what is normal for it and what is not. Don’t let the doctors tell you otherwise when you have confidence in your body. Study up on anatomy and listen to what your body has to say.

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts? Have you had similar experiences? Do you have the power you need to make sure you get adequate healthcare?

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