Literary Kings and Queens by Genre

There are some people who have the privilege of being the best in their field. They excel above all others. They are the ones you think of when the genre is mentioned.

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King — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

There are many great mystery writers. We could all rattle off a dozen or so names that are popular and write wonderful stories. Yet Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one who has come out on top in various surveys. His Sherlock Holmes stories are known by millions and are a part of our daily lives.

Queen — Agatha Christie

Can you really dispute this? She is easily one of the most recognizable mystery writers. Her books have been made into movies and even stage plays.

Science Fiction

King — Isaac Asimov

Many science fiction authors have had their inspiration from this author. HIs books have been turned into blockbuster movies and even have invaded our everyday language.

Queen — Ursula Kroeber Le Guin

This author was a powerful writer who also wrote on women’s issues. She published many books and showed that women could also write well in this genre.


King — J. R. R. Tolkien

Can we dispute this? His books have created worldwide followings. Movies have catapulted his stories into even more fans. He created new languages, new worlds, and put phrases into our vernacular.

Queen — J.K. Rowling

Twenty years ago, the crown would have been given to someone else, but Rowling shook the literary world and turned it upside down. She made books cool again. We have to give her the crown for showing our children that reading can be so much fun.


King — Nicolas Sparks

Kind of feels weird to crown a king of romance, yet he so deserves it. His works have been read by millions of women and have even been made into movies.

Queen — Danielle Steele

This title could be given to so many. I have to admit that I wanted to give it to so many others as well. This crown could be shared by dozens of great writers of romance. Steele is a great one to pull readers into the story and have them emotional as they read her stories.


King — Louis L’Amor

If you are fan of westerns, you have read L’Amor’s books. His books have been on the best seller list for many years.

Queen — Kat Martin

A bestseller, Martin has found a wide audience of men and women readers. She has made a name for herself as well as found her works published around the globe.


King — Edgar Allan Poe

Yes, a few million people will want to string me up on this one. They will feel that this crown belongs to another. Well, this author is given the coveted crown. Poe is well known and could create horror and suspense with few words. Without gross scenes, he could give a reader a chill.

Queen — Mary Shelley

Who doesn’t know who Frankenstein was? He is commonly known as a monster but in reality was the doctor who created him. Shelley opened us up to the world of monsters and could be said to be the Mother of Horror.


King — Roald Dahl

Oh, the man who gave us a chocolate factory and so much more. This talented author could only be surpassed by a rhyming physician.

Queen — Beatrix Potter

This crown brought us Peter Rabbit and a beautiful world of lessons we all took to heart. Her stories can be found in every children’s section of a bookstore or library.

Your Comments

I’m sure you would have chosen different royalty to wear these crowns. Who would you have put in each genre? I welcome your comments.

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