Market Your Book By Starting a Blog

There are so many ways to market your book. Authors shouldn’t just follow one method. They need to incorporate them all to some degree while weeding out the ones that don’t work for their particlar work/niche. One easy way is to use your blog. You have the perfect place to get your book out there for the public to see. How can a blog help your book?

You want people to know about your book. Well, you need people to see it and hear about it. If you have a blog with a fair amount of traffic, you have the public you need right there. You have people coming to your site. They are reading your articles. In the process, they will see your book. They will investigate. You don’t even have to push it. You just need to have it there where they can see it. That’s all you have to do. Let the traffic do the rest.

Use banners on your blog. Put a banner of your book at the top of the blog, at the bottom, and even on the sides. Those banners can be eye catching. They can be bold and colorful. Banners get your attention. Turn your book into a wonderful banner with a link to a page where you promote your book. It is subtle yet effective.

Don’t deluge your blog about your book. You want your book to be promoted there, but you want people to come there because of what you offer which should be good material beyond your book. If you wrote a romance book about a woman who is a chef and a man who is carpenter, you have a ton of stuff to write about to help direct your readers to your book. Write some recipes your character might have made in the book. Talk about carpenter tools or techniques. Then you write at the bottom how it could be found in your book. That’s all you have to do. If I like the recipe, I might be interested in your book. The more I like your writings, the more I’d like to read your book. Draw your readers in.

When you have news about your book, post about it. If I’m visiting your site to read those recipes and such, I’ll notice a post about your book. I might comment. I’ll follow it a little. Then I’ll read more of your interesting articles. Then I’d read some of your announcements. Again, you draw me in with all sorts of material and then feed me a little about your book. You’ll get me more interested that way.

You need to have regular visitors. That is why you have to post things besides your book. Why? Because once I know about your book, I’m done with your site until you bring something new out. But if you write on many other topics, you get me coming back on a regular basis. How? There are those recipes. Then you can also host book tour, review books, interview other authors, or invite others to write guest posts. When you do that, you have variety and get quite a bit of people hitting your site. You’d like to get about 50% of your hits daily to be regular. That means you are getting regular visitors that like your material.

Let readers get to know the real you. Share bits of yourself and your life. Tell something funny or embarrassing that happened to you. Share something you failed at or a lesson learned. Make the blog as another way to get to know you.

Let readers know about your dreams and fears.

Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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