Market Your Book with Goodreads Giveaways

There are so many ways you can market your book. In fact, there are probably hundreds if not thousands of ways. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but every one of those ways need to be looked at by you. Don’t look at them all at the same time, but pick a few and focus on them. You need to be working on several at one time. One you really need to include is Goodreads giveaways.

It might sound counterproductive to give your book away, but the truth is that giving someone a taste of your work usually has them wanting more. When you are at the grocery store on the day of food samples, you try something you never would have bought otherwise. Do you really want to spend $12.95 for something you don’t know you will like or your family will enjoy? No. You want to have an idea on whether or not it is good and worth the money.

In order to give your book away on Goodreads, the book has to have been set up on the site. As they are now part of Amazon, there are times it appears that is done automatically when you publish it through Amazon. But always check to make sure it is out there with the correct cover and other information. Never assume it will be.

Set up the giveaway to end at least two weeks out. You can have it end in a few days, but you really want it there long enough for readers to find the giveaway as there will be hundreds of giveaways out there for them to enter. The longer you put the giveaway out there for, the more hits you’ll get. I suggest anywhere from two to four weeks.

You cannot giveaway ebook versions. Only print ones currently can be given away on the Goodreads site. If you published an ebook only, consider getting it done in print for such giveaways with format restrictions.

I say this as a reader — free books can attract new followers. I have received many free books that have me discovering new favorite authors. If I love their writing, I will follow them and even purchase their other books. I wouldn’t have given them a chance if I didn’t know anything about them.

You aren’t jut giving everything away. When you use a giveaway to market your book, you have the confidence in your writing that the readers will love your freebie enough to pay for other works by you.

Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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