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This isn’t a huge marketing strategy, but it is one that when ignored can have disastrous results. The right title does not ensure sales, but the wrong title could ensure being ignored.

A lot can be said about a name, specifically the name of your book. You need a title that reflects the story you’ve written and gets the attention of the readers. Cover and title are what make the all-important first impression.

The title has to have something to do with the story. You don’t just pull random words out of the air and put then one the cover of your book. The title might be a character’s name, a location, or an emotion. It could be an item of special significance in the story. When someone chooses a book, they read the title. It makes them wonder what the book is about. They look at the rest of the cover and then read the synopsis. If they read the book and wonder what in the world the title had to do with it, you might lose a reader. This is especially true if the book was only okay.

Title a book called The Secret Within, and you have my attention. I want to know what the secret is. Make it exotic, daring, and cryptic. That’s not a recipe for success, but it does help in getting your book noticed.

The title of the book cannot be too long. You need a short title that is direct and yet says so much. Many authors only have titles with one word or two. It’s easy to read and remember. A long title is cumbersome. You’ll find readers shortening them in conversation. One of my favorite books is The Hunt for the Red October. I hate saying that title. We end up just saying Red October. But the whole title is appropriate for the story.

Stephanie Meyers had Twilight and Breaking Dawn. Easy to remember and quickly said. J. K. Rowlings had Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Most fans called it Sorcerer’s Stone or Harry Potter. We like things short and sweet.
You also want a title that makes a reader stop and take notice. A longer title might be more appropriate, but be aware that readers will shorten it.

A title is not a make or break item in marketing your book, but it can bite you if it is done wrong. The title should be the first glimpse into the soul of your story.

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