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Miracles Of Jesus — Casting Out Demons Into Pigs

One miracle of Jesus’ that shows the struggle between God and Satan is the miracle of driving the demons out of two men and having them enter a herd of pigs. This is one of those narratives that fascinates people and invites intense discussion on the power of the darkness and how it can be handled.

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A Strange Encounter

Apparently, the men landed somewhere near a graveyard. This is another thing that Jesus does that goes against Jewish tradition. Moving among the dead was another “unclean” act that He commenced to do. Two men rush out at him in apparent demon possession. Now, many will point out that only Matthew mentions two men while Mark and Luke only mention one. Here is where an understanding of the writing of the time period is very important. Every era has a unique writing style. In this era and culture, sometimes portions of a story are not left out but rather not mentioned because they are not important. Mark and Luke both mention a man who after the miracle occurs begs to go with Jesus. Obviously the other man did not speak, therefore he was not relevant to the narrative. Relevance is vital. In our current day we like detail. Our novels have more adjectives than the dictionary has words. In Biblical times the details were not important. The message was. Who cared if it was two men or one? The demons were driven out and one man came forward asking to go with Jesus. That was all that was needed.

It Gets Personal

Mark and Luke make an interesting observation. In response, Jesus does not explain His presence. He demands to know their name. What is so important about knowing their name? Names have been scared throughout many cultures over the centuries. Some native tribes believed that if you know a person’s intimate name then you had control over their soul. A name gives someone a little bit of a hold on you. They have something that is yours and yours alone. By demanding their name, Jesus was letting them know that He was in control. They could have lied to Him, but remember that they knew exactly who they were dealing with. He did not need their names to send them away. He was putting them on the spot in front of many people so that everyone would be clear as to what was going on. Jesus did not do anything in the dark. He works in the light for all to see. It is the devil who is secretive and hides in the shadows.

The Responses

What were the villagers’ responses? They begged Jesus to leave. It was unanimous that He had to go. He just saved these two men and the ungrateful people were more concerned about their livestock. Alright, fear probably had a lot to do with it, but a miracle was performed and they missed the wonder of it. They took it in fear instead of amazement. God gave them back these men, and they turned God away.

The Message to Us

Jesus went to the outcasts, and He faced the demonic hold head on. By these actions, He is telling us several things. First of all, if the Lord Himself goes against society’s rules to reach those that have been banned, pushed aside, considered outcasts, or not up to par for the culture, why do we stop short in going to them ourselves? What prevents us from crossing over that lake that we have placed between us and them and show them some of God’s mercy and grace?

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