Modern Medicine Needs to Look Beyond Pride

Have we met a chasm in our relationship with modern medicine? Has disillusionment finally caught up to us? I think so.

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Over the last fifteen years, I have found myself continually interacting with the medical world. It has been as patient and as family member. I used to have such faith in the medical professionals. Over these troubled years, I have learned that they might need to be feared rather than respected.

Currently, I am sitting in a hospital room and feeling very frustrated with the doctors. The hospitalist is giving their opinion on treatment for my husband. The specialist says something different. Another specialist is brought in and says something else. I ask questions. I am basically told I’m a good girl asking but they are the experts who obviously can’t agree on anything. I call my sister who has been a nurse for over forty years. She gives me advice and questions to ask. I inquire with the “experts” who again dismiss me. Finally, I push my Southern upbringing aside and get on my broomstick.

I had to argue and contact administration and cause a fuss for the doctors to look into areas that I felt they were missing. After a week of being in the hospital and running test after test and blood draw after blood draw, they end up where I was asking them to look in the first place. Well, after all the expense, the solution was where I was pointing. What is going on here?

From the tests, I saw a connection in the my husband’s problem. There was a common thread that no one wanted to listen. Why? They knew their areas and all others were idiots. Seriously! One doctor said that the other specialist obviously didn’t know what they are doing.

In the end, the insurance company is not wanting to pay for this stay. Why? Because they feel it was too long and too many tests. Why? Because the doctors wouldn’t work together.

The arrogance of the medical field has become dangerous. Instead of working together, the members of this community fight for god-like power. They expect to be obeyed and have everyone follow them as though they can do no wrong. All of their drugs and tests will give us all the answers. I think not.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe that the medicines we have and the tests serve a purpose and have saved many lives. What I have a concern with is how they are seen as the only answers.

I was in the hospital once with uncontrollable vomiting. I tried to explain my symptoms and the timing of them, but the hospitalist told me that because I was diabetic and fat that it was Diabetic ketoacidosis. I knew that wasn’t right because I only threw up at night after I took my nightly meds. The rest of the day I was fine. No matter what I said, he was too focused on my weight and didn’t even do a single test. Well, I figured out the problem on my own. One of the supplements I took at night had an added ingredient I was allergic to. Problem solved, but I was too fat to know that.

My husband had classic heart attack symptoms, but every single test they ran showed a healthy man. Therefore, it was all in his head. The doctors called him a hypochrondriac and gave him an anti-depressent. Seven months later, I hounded the doctor to do a heart cath which he had had done three years earlier. According to her, heart disease cannot develop that fast. Okay…. They found two blockages, both 95%. She said he should have been dead. Well, since it was in his head it didn’t matter.

The only reason we are both still alive is because we don’t just accept what is told to us without good reason. We ask questions. We explore things. We get information and ask more questions. What we are told is not accepted as infallible. Everyone should be like that. The problem lies in how the medical world does not like our actions. They are too prideful to think they are not perfect.

I do want to note that I respect those of the medical profession. My sisters are nurses, and I have many friends who are medical professionals. It is just the overall pride that keeps them from truly taking care of us the way they should.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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