My Excuses Stopping Me From Getting Healthy

Rebecca Graf
5 min readMay 16

I admit it. I need to get healthy. Overweight, high sugars, low minerals. And it is only getting worse as I get older with all the aches and pains that come with that. This isn’t fun. I’m barely into my fifties, and I feel like I’m over a hundred. So what is stopping me from getting healthy? All those pesky excuses that sound so logical.

Blame It On the Excuses

We’re all good at giving excuses for everything in our lives from work to family. They all make sense. I do have to work so I don’t have time. I do need to sleep, eat, and have a life. Excuses get the blame like when we say “The devil made me to it”. It’s easy to do because they aren’t exactly lies.

Here are a few of the excuses I find myself using.

I Don’t Have Time

Who doesn’t use this excuse for everything under the sun? There are demands on our time all the time. Work takes up eight to ten hours. Then there is grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking care of family, and sleep. When do I have time to do anything?

The truth is that time is really on my side. I have to take time to get my meals together. It doesn’t usually take any extra time to gather healthier choices. Also, I take advantage of my grocery store shopping for me with me picking them up. I save an hour or two there. As I watch TV, I can do stretches or exercises such as chair yoga. There are many ways to use my time wisely to give me the time to exercise. I just have to want to find those ways and implement them.

My Husband Gets in the Way

I want to go for a walk. He says, “Wait and I’ll go with you.” Funny how I’m still waiting. I plan to eat a salad. He choses a place to eat at that doesn’t have any healthy options. I try to set up a schedule that gives me time to meditate. He has to talk to me even when he isn’t in the room. He gets in the way.

The truth is that I could assert myself at any time. I could tell him that I needed my time to walk or refuse to eat where no option was good. Usually there are a few healthier options at any restaurant. I just need to choose them. Yes, I’m using him to avoid getting healthier.

The Weather is Bad

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