No One Reads My Stuff So I Can Talk About Them

Rebecca Graf
2 min readNov 15, 2021

Oh, so often I watch what I say online because you never know who will read it. Then I found out that family and friends weren’t reading my pieces. It was saddening at first, but now I see where it can be a big advantage. I shouldn’t ignore such a gift.

The Sad Truth

Yes, it hurt me to find out that most people I know personally don’t read my articles. I know this because they tell me. If I ask them if they saw my post or read my latest piece on my website, they honestly say they don’t read any of my stuff. Wow! Okay then.

I write my pieces in the hopes that people will read them, but a part of me kind of expects those close to me to read them. When I discovered that they weren’t, it depressed me. Then I began to ask myself, “Why do I screen what I write if they don’t even care to read it?” Then I wondered if that was one to eventually get them to read it if they thought they’d be talked about.

Oh, there is a little devil in me sometimes.

The Advantage

When someone hurts me or makes me mad, I can write about it. When they irritate me, I can write about it. I can even divulge all their secrets, and they’d never know. See the advantage here?



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