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Old Building Writing Prompt

Writing can be fun. It can be challenging. Have you ever taken a photo and tried to write a scene or a complete story from it? It can be so much fun to do such a thing. Take this picture above and use it as a writing prompt.

A writing prompt is something that gives your creative spirit a nudge. It is a prompt that helps overcome writer’s block or gives you an idea for a spur of the moment story. It is useful in schools, for assignments, or to just challenge yourself as a writer.

When you have a writing prompt, you look at it or read it and let your imagination play with it. Let’s look at the picture above. You can pull a million story ideas from just this one picture. What do you think is happening? What if…

The following are ideas I’ve pulled from this picture. Feel free to use them to write your own story or to prompt another idea. They are sorted by genre to help you find the areas you enjoy writing the most or the area you need most challenged in.

  • A teenage boy moves into an apartment building that used to house government offices a century ago. He stumbles upon an old storage room in the basement that has some unusual artifacts.
  • Going through his grandparent’s belongs after they have passed on, a young boy discovers pictures that make no sense. Why would there be pictures of places in Cuba when he family was from Canada? And why is his grandmother’s image in those same pictures?
  • A school project is to help renovate an old building. The ones chosen for it don’t like each other and have a rather nasty past. But it will take the project to get them to talk and discover that judging another one can only hurt themselves.
  • This old hotel becomes a mysterious playground for a group of children who are bored while their parents are attending a conference.
  • Living in an old building can be fun when one has an imagination that conjure up pirates and fairies.
  • A hotel for fairies? Why not? They need to stay somewhere when they visit this world.
  • What if a mysterious letter is found that makes it sound as though there is a treasure buried in the building and/or on the grounds?
  • During renovations of an old hotel, a strange book is found. Everything in it is encrypted.
  • A drawing is found of an old building. When a closer look is given, there appears to be a part of the building missing.
  • A tour of old hotels that still function as such.
  • Haunted hotels
  • Stories set in famous hotels
  • A team of paranormal investigators move into this building to take care of the haunting problem before the building is redone.
  • A group of ghost live in this building, and without the building, they would have to move on. The city wants to tear their home down, so they reach out to a local medium who mostly lies about her “gift.”
  • A pack of werewolves bought this building in the hopes of restoring it and having a place to call home, but the danger that cost them their last home has followed them.
  • There is a closet in this building that leads to another land.
  • This building used to be a wizard until an angry apprentice transformed him in a fit of rage. The apprentice’s son is trying to make a name for himself by fixing his father’s mistakes.
  • An old building lies hidden in a thicket of trees. Found by travelers during a storm, they discover secrets that will change the world.
  • Walking through an old field, a man finds himself falling down into a hole which turns out to be the roof of a large building buried in the ground.
  • A city is discovered buried under a mountain through the back of an old building. Looks to have been built to cover the entrance.
  • Archeologists find an old building. Inside is something from a more recent period.
  • The first hotel in a new city struggles with the bad elements and trying to keep a good image.
  • A shootout in a hotel occurs and changes the lives of everyone.
  • A brothel is the scene of royal espionage in the wild frontier.
  • Locked out of her hotel room, one woman knocks on a neighboring door and finds more than she bargained for.
  • A snowstorm has a bed and breakfast owner and the maintenance man snowbound.
  • Traveling through a foreign country, two people who live only a block from one another back home meet up and fall in love.
  • A series of murders connects back to a hotel where all the victims have stayed at one time or another.
  • A storm has people trapped in the hotel along with a killer.
  • Are the doors changing about in this very creepy hotel?
  • This hotel is different. Each door leads to another dimension.
  • The hotel is actually alive, but it is friend or foe?
  • Floating in space is this building. Is it real? Is it alive?
  • A visitor sees a vision. Real?
  • A revival meeting in the old building sparks controversy.
  • An old nun takes up residence in an historical hotel and won’t leave until she dies.
  • Called in to help renovate an old building, a woman discovers new friends.
  • Taking a vacation, a woman finds herself lost and having to stay at a very unusual B&B.
  • Faced with the death her husband, one woman takes a trip to get away.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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