Parents Aren’t Infallible

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Many times, we think we have it all together. We are adults. We are parents. We don’t make mistakes. Sorry to disappoint you. We all make mistakes. Parents aren’t infallible. They will screw up. They will have to rethink things. Parenting is an ever learning experience.

My mother told me to never apologize to my children. They should see us as always right. When I became a parent, I remembered that when my mother was wrong, she was right. I hated that and lost respect for her. I didn’t want that with my children. I apologized and taught my child a big lesson.

Mistakes Happen to Everyone

There is not one person on this earth who has never made a mistake or will make one in the future. We will make wrong decisions, say the wrong words, or do something to hurt someone. It happens. Parents are not exempt from this.

As parents, we can’t expect to be perfect, but we should hold ourselves to a higher standard. Some mistakes can be disastrous. Yes, we should try to avoid the mistakes, but we can be strong in rectifying them as well. We just can’t sweat actually making them. We are far from perfect.

Lead by Example — Raise Strong Adults

One of the signs of being a good parent is leading by example. If you want your child to act a certain way, you should be exhibiting that behavior as well. I cannot tell you how often as a child I was angry with my mother for telling me one thing and doing another. She wouldn’t admit when she was wrong. To her, parents should never apologize as they were perfect.

When my oldest child got into trouble, we punished her. Then we found out that she was in fact innocent. My husband and I apologized. My mother was very upset as we were parents and should never apologize for anything. What? We did something wrong. Therefore, we should apologize for it. That is how our daughter will grow up having that ability. We wanted her to be able to apologize for her mistakes and rectify them.

Nothing Wrong With Being Infallible

Since we are all imperfect, there is nothing wrong with being infallible. We are all in the same boat. So we shouldn’t feel like a bad parent because of it. The value as a parent comes from what we do once we realize we made a mistake.

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