Readers Of Ebooks Prefer Personal Recommendations

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Where do ereaders get recommendations for the books they buy? A recent survey has been very revealing about the answer. They don’t get them from ads. They don’t get them from book tours. They get them from those they trust.

Around 81% of people who use ereaders get new read recommendations from people close to them. That means they listen to family, friends and those they interact with the most. Very interesting for the author to know. It’s word of mouth doing it for them.

Readers talk. Other readers listen. That’s how they spread the word about books they need to read. Word of mouth is more powerful than any paid review.

Once survey says that 81% of readers get wind of new books to buy from those closest to them. They listen to their family members, friends over drinks, and co-workers next to the water cooler. Only 56% found new reads from online sites or stores.

Wow! That is amazing considering how much money is spent by authors on book tours, ads, and more. Are readers listening enough to those to make it worth it? According to these stats, only a fraction of readers would be touched by those methods. Authors need to get it into the hands of people who talk and talk a lot. That is proving a problem in today’s reading market.

Most ‘experts’ are pushing all the advertising ways to get the word out about your book. You need to spend hundreds if not thousands on book virtual book tours, ads, and promotions. Follow their advice and you’ll find yourself spending more than you’ll ever get back in book sales. Now, I want to note here that you still look into these marketing avenues as they could help you in some ways. But….don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Good marketing involves spreading out the impact. Not all readers go to the same spots to get reading recommendations. Don’t focus on only one venue.

If more ereaders go with personal recommendations, how can you get on that list? That’s the twenty million dollar question. You have to get some big mouth people involved. Trust me, too many readers don’t share the latest on what they are reading. I have several who hound me for the latest and never tell anyone about my books. They might post once how they loved the one they just read, but it never goes beyond that. I am related to one, so I asked her why. She doesn’t talk books to anyone. None of her friends are avid readers.

You need your readers to talk about your books. Now the next million dollar question is how to do that? Start with a quality book, one they have to tell others about. Then connect with your readers. Let them get to know you. Once they do, they’ll want to tell others about your book even more. Even then, you might not get them all talking about it. But all you really need is one who will not shut up about your work. Then one they tell tells someone else, and so forth.

Get in the public’s eye. Be noticed. Give them a quality book. And make connections. Ads might help here and there. Tours might gain a few new followers. But in the end, they are not how people learn of new books. It is all about people talking. Find those who talk about books and share.

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